Help - replace power supply and now there is no signal to the moniture and the m

I recently replaced my power supply to a higher grade one so i could run a better graphics card, but after i installed it the monitor reseved no sinal and the mouse and keyboard did not have power. I'm hoping that i simply bumped or lossend something in the process of removing the old power supply and installing the new one. please help me!
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  1. Well there are two possibilities:

    1) new power supply is defective

    2) You missed a connector or bumped a cable or component loose.

    #2 is more likely. GO through everything twice and make sure it is connected. If that doesn't work, unplug and replug everything and reseat everything but the CPU.
  2. the fans and the motherboard turn on and all the lights come on, it just seems that there is no power to anything exturnal
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