P8P67 EVO - Windows 8 - NO BIOS! HELP!!

After upgrading to windows 8 64bit Pro from windows 7 64bit Pro i'm unable to access the BIOS.

I have searched the web and the general consensus seems to be, you need to do two things to correct the issue:

1. Disable fast start-up

2. select advanced start up under 'general settings', restarting and then choosing UEFI

I have tried both of these options and neither has helped. Disabling fast start-up seems to have made no obvious change. When using advanced start up, Selecting the UEFI option under advanced options is not possible, as it doesn't exist!

System config is below:

CPU : intel i5-2500K
GPU: AMD Radeon 7970
MEM : 2x4GB
C: 240GB SSD - OCZ Agility 3
D: 240GB HDD - WD
E: 600GB HDD - WD
X: 240GB SSD - OCZ Agility 3

I'm going crazy trying to resolve this, jumping through hoops to access settings on my own computer, which used to be accessed by pressing ONE button while booting! Great way to upset PC enthusiasts.
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  1. Have you updated the BIOS? Try contacting ASUS Support, as it might be a BIOS issue.
  2. I need to know how to solve this too, the problem is that my PC or connecting league is just restarting ....
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