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Hello folks, hopefully you can help me out here.

Got everything hooked up in a case (well I think so anyway), fire her up, and get a fan error but the fan keeps running (at max continuously I might add). Took her back down onto the floor and tinkered around again...boot it up, no fan error, but the fan is continuously running at max. Get to the windows screen and the computer shuts down. Starts up, shuts down, starts up, shuts down. So what's going on?

I'm probably way wrong here, but is it the CPU fan? I've put a small 80mm fan on the CPU that was from my old PC until the new bigger CPU fan/heat sink gets here later this week. There is thermal paste on the CPU, it's not too tight or loose, and the temperature is at a steady 40 to 42C. So it can't be a heating problem to make it shut off and on. Why do you think the fan is running so high constantly? Is it because the motherboard is so new and the fan is not up to par so the mobo is running it as hard as it can?

Everything else seems fine. I can boot it up and get to the windows login but from there it just starts shutting down and coming back on. Ran the windows "restore" or "repair" but it always fails. I have no idea what is going on. I've tried about everything in the BIOS I can. It is an ASUS motherboard, I will try to put everything I have on here later if that helps.
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    Look for a "smartfan" setting in the bios. You may have to calibrate it; then I set mine to "quiet". Some only work with 4 pin fan designs; some will work with either 3 or 4 pin fans.
  2. Quick question, did you transfer your hard drive directly from your last system to the new one? If so, that rarely (if ever) works and you'll need to do a clean install of windows? If it's not, then it could be a lot of different culprits... best of luck fixing your new PC!
  3. Thanks for the responses. I did set the fan to what you suggested, and I did use my old hard drive but did a fresh install. I am happy to say she is working smoothly now (Christmas miracle!). Seriously though, it was a problem with the RAM. I don't think I installed it correctly, and after tinkering around and messing with the "RAMOK" I got it to work. New and better CPU cooling system comes in tomorrow so I am just going to swap out the crappy one I have on it now, but other than that I am 100% satisfied with it. Thanks again for the help!
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