game graphic settings not taking !! GTX 560 Ti

am running MSI GTX 560 Ti with Phenom ii x4 955 at 1080p via DVI

the problem is that when i set all a game setting like Black Ops at max like i don't AAx16 i still can see the "Jaggies" at the trees or any thing !! i checked my Nvidia control panel for solution like setting the image at Quality or "let the 3D app decide" or "sue the advanced 3d image settings" and then go to "Manage 3D settings" and set the antialiasing Mode to " app-controlled" but all that didn't work.

i also tried to change the game graphics settings but also didn't work.
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  1. The problem with MSAA is that it will not smooth out every jagged edge, only the ones on major objects. Edges on certain objects like the trees may not get smoothed out by MSAA, you have to use supersampling to smooth out every single object, and that causes a huge performance hit. You could also try FXAA if the nvidia control panel has an option to force that. FXAA applies a post processing filter that smooths out edges, though it does blur the entire picture a little bit.
  2. i tried all you have listed and didn't work !!
    i think the issue is from the Nvidia control panel or some thing .. but not from the game
    i play black ops with my HD 4330 DELL laptop minimum settings and AA8 .. i can't see a jugged or any eges
  3. i tried to adjust the AA to x16 from the config file in the game directory but didn't work .. the it reset it automatically :(
    the thing is every game is the same :( and i didn't got any help from any one in this form :(
  4. Is this problem only on Black Ops, or do you have this issue in other games? If it's just Black Ops, I'd say that there is a either a problem with the game, or there is an issue with your current driver revision and Black Ops. Since you seem to be able to get AA on another system, I'd try rolling back to an earlier driver revision if you are using the latest drivers. If you don't have the latest driver, download and install it and see if the problem persists.

    If you want to force an AA setting via cfg file. After you change and save the cfg, go into properties, and set it to read only. That will stop it from resetting itself, but the game may crash on launch if it isn't compatible with the values you input in the cfg.
  5. Be sure to play around with the AA settings for "Enhance the Application Setting" vs. "Override Any Application Setting". Black Ops is a DirectX 9 game, so I don't think they spent a lot of time on delivering the highest quality antialiasing.
  6. am using 266 driver version now .. if i update to the latest driver will the control panel be fixed and the problem solved ?
  7. i have updated my driver to 285.62 and i still have the same problem at all the games :(
  8. all my games (COD7 , COD4 , nfs shift 1 and 2 , ofprr) i can't set all the graphic settings to max .. settings like AA and Anti-Stropic i set at x16 .. but there is no deferent .. i still can see the jugged edges , i mean i can set it at max but still the same image quality, if i can't make aa16 and other settings to work then the other settings like texture is not at max .. i can't get the best graphic of the game
    i tried to adjust the nvidia control panel settings over and over again but didn't work .. i updated the latest driver 285. 62 but still the same problem
    in my laptop with HD 4330 card i play black ops and other games at 800x600 with aax16 and i can't see any edge only smoothness

    my PC space are listed below --> v
  9. any help ?
  10. this is the image quality after setting all the control panel at app controlled and x16 aa at black ops :

    its not this game only .. al the games are like this :(
  11. For me, that screenshot looks pretty good. I don't notice a lot of jagged edges.
  12. its not .. its` extremely terrible . . . can i get help or advice now ?
  13. Are you sure you have your screen resolution turned up and refresh rate at the highest settings?

    After that, make sure to go into the game's settings and turn everything up as high as possible (I know you've probably tried all that). Again, the Call of Duty series isn't known for having real high end graphics, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was normal.
  14. hameem 1 said:
    any help ?

    Bump posts

    Bump it again or post another duplicate and it will not end well for you.
  15. OMG mouse monkey will ban me !! please don't .. i don't know whats "Bump" and "duplicate" my English is not that good :(
  16. 17seconds said:
    Are you sure you have your screen resolution turned up and refresh rate at the highest settings?

    After that, make sure to go into the game's settings and turn everything up as high as possible (I know you've probably tried all that). Again, the Call of Duty series isn't known for having real high end graphics, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was normal.

    i did set every thing at high !!
    there is some guy posted that TH did an article about Nvidia Control Panel .. have a look
  17. Try typing 'duplicate' into an online dictionary, bumping is when you make a post that adds nothing but is done to get your thread to the top of the pile such as the post I quoted.
  18. no . . the problem is not that black ops has bad Anti-aliasing ..
    the problem is all the game i play (operation flash point RR , COD4 , nfs 1,2) they all looks terrible .. i don't think am getting the best quality available ..
    when i play this games on my laptop they looks awesome .. but i have to play them on 800x600 with soo much lag ..
    so at my 1080p monitor and my gtx 560 ti OC i should be easily play games on ultra with 40fps ..
    thats the problem
  19. what about nfs shift 1, 2 and operation flash point red river and cod4 ?
  20. what about nfs shift 2 .. did you see the screen shot i linked above !!
  21. why i get better graphic quality than my desktop when i turn all settings max and aa16 at 800x600 at my laptop that uses hd 4330 when i play black ops
  22. there is some thing prevent my games from the best settings ..
  23. i did what you told me to do "supersample 8 and overide AA4" and still like crap :(
  24. Quote:
    The best possibe graphics are only obtained with Nvidia GPU's (Phys-x titles).
    The games you have mentioned all have their issues so it is not worthy of anyone trying to fix your issue.

    if that's so .. why i get super AA quality with my laptop that only uses HD 4330 and intel core due ?! ..
    i don't think the issue is from the my games .. don't you think that 5 games has the same problem is a weird thing >?
  25. PC gamers have to bay 1000 for decent system then they have to play games with bugs and issues and lots of crappy quality and aliasing. . WTF
  26. what Nvidia Control Panel recommended settings that all the pro gamers with high end rigs uses for playing at best quality
    is it to set "let the 3D app decide" from the main menu or choosing "use advanced 3d image settings" and then set all the global settings to "app controlled" ?!
  27. He is true though, we should revolt !!! Put up a tentcamp in front of the offices of Nvidea, AMD, Intel and the whole brady bunch.
    Serious ; my pc graphics look a lot better than a game console but so much better that it justifies the 700 something euros more ? Still not sure.
    ( actually, that's a lie, being a game addict i would sell my liver for just that little bit better and more and more and . . . )
  28. ropjordy you should list your system below your post as every one else .. although all what you said is true .. pc games are a games that being converted from console games to pc games .. thats why we having all this issues .. i mean it't not fare to bay much and get less+issues .. we should revolt .. all the PC gamers should revolt !!
    i am from Libya BTW :D
  29. And do they know how to revolt there !
    Maybe don't want to show my specs, to ashamed . . . Nah, not really, but it's a pre built ( hardly dare to say it ) Packard Bell :cry: Nobody will take any advice seriously from someone so stupid that he bought a PB. :lol: ( bought it before i hanged out on this forum and learned lots and lots more about pre built and self build. )

    Actually it's because i'm to lazy to find out how i can put something under the tekst and it's in my additional info so don't see a need for it.
  30. -i have set "use advanced 3D settings" but at "manage 3D settings" i don't what option to choose for the "antialiasing transparency"
    -and other thing that "anisotropic sample optimization" And "trilinear optimization" is not able to choose from .. i can't set option for it .. its unoptional .. can't select an option .. no list open from it
  31. are you kidding me !! the biggest revolt has just happened in Libya 6 months ago !!
  32. Thats what i meant. Didn't mean it sarcastic or something. You DO know how to revolt. Respect for that and very interesting to see that in all kind of other countries people also don't accept the "wrongs" anymore and protest against that. But thats more for a political forum i think, way to serious for the alien :pt1cable:
  33. so answer my question above .. :D
    the post that start with - i have set . .
  34. Ok, have been looking at mine. Not easy, mine is in Dutch. I have my transparancy off.
    That you don't have a choice in the anisotropic and the other is weird, i do have a choice.
    Anyway, i also do have some jagged edges ( if thats the right word for it ) but i don't think so much as you do. I gonne try and set everything on max or on, see what happens.
  35. in console you can't even see a juggies !!
    but how do i enable to cj\hoose from "anisotropic sample optimization" And "trilinear optimization" ??
  36. is it OK to set transparancy off .. i seek for the best image quality !!
  37. Wow a lot of weird things happend, some options you can better leave as they are i believe. I did do something with the " omgevingsocclusie" , sorry it's in Dutch, i really don't know the English word, it's the 7th from below and when i played company of heroes it really got weird ; all kind of flickering things appeared. Don't touch that.
    But with all the rest set to max (!) it did make the picture even better than before ! :) No jaggies, or almost non. Also no loss of performance, or not noticably anyway. I know, it's an older game, but still pretty demanding (?) I didn't try this before because i had for a month, maybe two, problems with the card when i first used it and had it working ok now so didn't want to fiddle with the settings. Should have done it earlier. So, thanks for your thread it helped me a lot anyway :lol:
    Still, very weird you can't choose where there should be a choice.
  38. yea that's "anisotropic sample optimization" .. i can't set it :( its automatically set to off
    and the other one "trilinear optimization" is automatically set to off .. i can't change it i found that its better that the too of them to stay off any way for better quality i guess
    but we should really do some thing about the aliasing thing for real !! i mean i spend like $1000 at my PC to see aliasing and bad quality ;( am angry
    if there is nothing about my system .. games developers should make games for PC then convert it to console !!
  39. Quote:
    ofp and co4 are unreal engine.

    Last I checked, the Unreal Engine does not support antialiasing. Maybe that is the problem?

    Are you making changes in the Global Settings or Program Settings?
  40. Most of the time unreal does not support AA, but there are some games where support for it is hacked in ie. Batman Arkham Asylum. I don't think the CoD games actually use unreal, but something else. I believe the CoD games do have AA options, so they should work. Then again, Black Ops wasn't a great port, so there while the option is there, it may not work properly.
  41. anti-aliasing is a priority in video games ! don't you agree with me . .
  42. hameem1, AA is not a priority in video games for me, i have got an IGP and all it can do is play Bulletstorm on 800x600 on lowest without AA, nice not?
  43. the jugged edges gets under my skin ..
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