Will this build be fine for me?

Hello everyone,

I am writing this question to make sure that the build that I am going to build will work fine. I say this because whilst I know a good amount about computers, I would prefer a second answer on it.

CPU: i5-2500k Retail
Mobo: MSI Z68S-G43-G3 Intel Z68
GPU: XFX ATI Radeon HD 6870 1024MB
RAM: 8GB Exceleram Black Sark Series
PSU: A Delta GPS-750AB-A 750W (I think)

I think that should all be fine. I chose not to get the Corsair ram as I believe it has the same specs as the Exceleram ram. I was thinking of getting the 6850 also however changed to the 6870. Is the 6870 worth the extra £20?

Thank you in advance,

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  1. Insufficient data. Please use this:


    And be sure to include more info on the RAM.
  2. From that info it looks fine, never heard of exeleram I would go with corsair or gskill (cant be that much more mulah) the graphics card will be fine for low level gaming if you want ultra settings xfire 2 of them. Does your mobo support that
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