Need Opinion on Geforce gtx 560 with a 475w psu.

I was wanting to upgrade my computer from a geforce 240 to a geforce gtx 560, still using my 475 watt psu.

based on what is inside my computer, will the psu be able to handle the geforce gtx 560? or even a 560Ti?

my specs are :

Windows 7 Home premium

Intel Core i7-920 processor

8GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz

21.5" Dell SX2210 Full HD Monitor

Nvidia GeForce GTS 240

640GB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive 7200 RPM

PSU: 475 watt

Wirelesss LAN PCIe Card

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. What brand and model is your PSU?
  2. the PSU is a corsair brand.

    also to note. i did a PSu calculator, it states that with a gtx 560 Ti, and my minimal components i use i am only using up approx 350 watts, and it recommends at least 390 watts. i know these calculators arent perfect, but could that be representable of my setup?

    thank you.
  3. If its a Corsair , it won't be a problem.
  4. appreciate it. :)
  5. You can determine exactly what power your Vid card would require, the watts and amps. on the 12v rail required to run it properly from the link below. Corsair sells a variety of PSUs and some are top notch and others not so much. Follow the link for objective, accurate data that will tell you if your specific model Corsair PSU or some other PSU will work for your application. No guessing is required.
  6. oh ok. very handy. thank you.
  7. Welcome to the forums.
    IF you'll be overclocking, adding more PCI cards or hooking up more fans, you'd be really at a problem.
    Better upgrade your PSU to a higher wattage one (550-650W) in case you wanted tp upgrade in the future and to run fine without any problems.
  8. 475w Corsair? I dont think they make such a thing. Is it a DELL PC? open your case and physically look at the psu and tell us the 12V specs.
  9. i am sorry. i was taking information from research on the internet. i know this is an oversight, but i am now correcting it.

    it is a flextronics psu.

    12v specs are as follows: (let me know if i miss something)

    12v - 0.3a
    12v1 - 16.0a
    12v2 - 12.0a
    12v3 - 16.0a

    max. +12v1 & +12v2 & +12v3
    combined output 384w

    thats all the 12v references
  10. While it would probably run a GTX 560 would be pushing that PSU to it's limit which generally isn't a good idea and can lead it to fail before too long. I would either replace it or scale back to an HD6850 which it should handle ok.
  11. dang. i'm on a pretty tight budget. guess i'll look for a sub $100 psu. i will look for the best one i can for the price.
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    You don't need to spend $100 on a PSU. Something like this would be fine;
    $60 before rebate, $40 after.
  13. oh nice. thank you.
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