Pc shuts down almost immediately after starting with anew PS

This my mom's PC so its really important that I perform a miracle.
Maxtor diamondmax 21 200g
Kingston 512
Antex 500 case
Windows XP Pro
OCZ700MSSP power supply
Intel Q9550

You hit the start up button and the pc starts and stops almost immediately.
The power supply is new so I'm thinking the Intel is dead.
Am I going in the right direction, my knowledge in PC hardware problems has reached its max and I'm guessing now.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's!
    Go here:
    work through the list...WORK, not just read!

    If you still have issues, tell us where in the list it failed, and we will try to help!

    Good Luck!
  2. Thanks I'll give a shot
  3. If the computer was working before the new PSU then it is most likely the PSU. If the puter wasn't it may be the mobo, the CPU, the RAM, or even a short in the case. First make sure that the PSU is properly connected to the mobo. Probably needs the 24 pin connector plus an 8 pin supplemental connector. Then you have to breadboard thee other components, i.e. put in minimum components (CPU, GPU, 1 stick of RAM, boot drive, etc.) to see if you can get a boot. Swapo out components with other components that you think are good. That is the method used by most system builders.
  4. Your not giving us enough information. Did it not work with the old psu?

    Why did you replace the psu?
  5. geekapproved said:
    Your not giving us enough information. Did it not work with the old psu?

    Why did you replace the psu?

    I would not turn on with the old PSU which is why I bought a new one, in hindsight I dont think I needed a new PSU. I breadboarded the system, I jumped the 24 pin connector, pin # 16 with a black wire. The system came alive and I was told, won"t mention who in case its wrong, that the MOB was bad. So, I went out and bought a Asus P5G41T-M LX Plus for $39.96 and some DDR3 for $24.99. Not the top of the line, but it will have to suffice for now. Tell me that the money spent was not wasted, at least until I have gotten the PC back together.

    I await your response!
  6. well at least you wont need to worry about the psu for a while
  7. If the cpu was dead, it wouldn't start in the first place.

    Most likely reason a computer would shut down immediately is if the cpu was overheating.

    Either way, your parts are so old, it could be anything really.

    You should start thinking about building a new computer.
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