NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY!!! (Sorry for caps, but it's serious!)

Sorry to CAPS the thread, but I'm in dire need of help.

My parts for my first ever PC build arrived from new egg today, and I excitedly put them together only to discover that the damn thing wasn't beeping for Post. in tears (seriously), i connected and reconnected for almost an hour, until i realized that i never plugged in the 8-pin from my PSU into the motherboard lol.

lo and behold, after turning it on, it posted after about 8 seconds (is that too long btw? is it supposed to be shorter). however, while i was frantically connecting and reconnecting, in my frustration, haste, fear, and anger, i started disregarding the careful handle of PC components that one should always abide by, and touch the underside and loosely grasped my video card, motherboard, etc.

it's still posting and seems to be fine, but should i be concerned about possible damage? also, is the post after 7-8 seconds normal, or is that too long? thankssss!
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  1. also, i once accidentally tried to take the cpu out from an angle, until i realized a second later what a stupid move that was. it seems fine, and still slides easily into the socket. is there any way to tell if i messed it up? help please :(
  2. The 8 second post is not necessarily too long. If you had a serious problem it wouldn't POST. That's what POST is for.

    There is no reason whatsoever to worry about touching the underside of a board or whatever. Unless you had gravy dripping from your hands or something.
  3. i might have had excess thermal paste, but we'll see if it works. and what about accidentally angling out the cpu?
  4. i might have had dried thermal paste when i touched the parts :O.

    also, i booted it up probably around 15-20 times without the 8-pin, until i realized that it wasn't plugged in. could the booting and shutting down for 15-20 times, could that have caused damage?
  5. Monitor CPU temps or remove and reapply thermal paste if you are unsure. You should be fine if it boots up. Only worry if it dies ;)
  6. Kuzri said:
    i might have had excess thermal paste, but we'll see if it works. and what about accidentally angling out the cpu?

    I still wouldn't worry about it. Remnants of thermal paste usually stick pretty good to your fingers. And if you got any on the board, you should know most thermal paste is non-conductive. Some thermal paste like arctic silver is conductive, but only mildly so.

    About angling the cpu, unless you bent any pins I wouldn't worry about it. In fact, since you passed POST, I definitely wouldn't worry about it.

    You're just nervous because it's your first build ever and you probably spent a lot of hard earned money on a system you have high hopes for. I was like that too when I built my first rig back in 2000/2001. I overanalyzed every little thing, and constantly wondered if I applied the paste right, if I put too much, etc etc. It's a normal part of human psychology, it happens to everybody.
  7. you hit the nail on the head, plus I have OCD :P. i do apologize for the overreaction, and i thank everyone for their input :).
  8. UPDATE: Currently installing Windows 7 as we speak :D. Thanks again! I take it that a CPU with bent pins wouldn't do this, correct? ;)
  9. I love this thread! SLow down, go back to the manual for the motherboard, read it slow, if it's late, go to bed. So many times, just going back with fresh eyes and methodically thinking about the problem and reading the book will help!
    You can damage a MOBO by touching it with bare hands if you have built up a static charge, chips are more sensitive, I just periodically touch the radiator in my room (it's earthed) I did once have a rig and I didn't get good connection between the heatsink/cooler and CPU. (Too much thermal paste!!) The PC would POST from overnight and then crash, it would not restart (as the chip was hot) it took me a while to figure out, but no damage to the chip. Your incompentency has already been thought of by the manufacturers so they build in these auto shut offs etc.
  10. If you feel like playing with it, you can toy with some settings on what the motherboard will try to detect and it may speed up your start-up. Even if the pins are a little bendy, they're not broken and made it into the slots fine so your good.

    The only time I've seen parts fried was at work, a friend/coworker said "Oh that's the new video card for them?" and while I was holding it, pointed at the video card so closely we saw a spark fly from his finger to the card which fried something :non: Only time I've smoked any parts with static electricty out of digging into literally thousands of computers.
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