Old dell dimension 3000 upgrade for a friend?

hey got a situation here got a buddy gonna buy my decent rig in feb. but he got dell dimension 3000 for now 1.2gb ram 2.8 ghz cpu xp 32 bit onboard video. trying to slap in a pny geforce fx5200 256 mb pci and nothings happening with it. downloaded driver for it just didnt work bios is on auto does nothing. on boot up pc still boots up and xp sounds happen but nothing. guys just trying to get hd video on an old system here help him out.
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  1. Calm down and take a deep breath.

    Now, you mentioned that the card has a PCI interface, was it working before on another computer. If so, how did you go about installing it for the first time?

    Before reading on, ensure that your power supply is adequate for operating this card

    If you PSU can operate the card, I'd recommend using your built-in GPU and booting into windows to see if the other card is detected. After installing the drivers for your new card, switch off the PC and connect the display to the new card. Then, Turn on the computer and disable the integrated GPU from the BIOS and everything should be fine.

    Ed.: There might be a jumper that needs repositioning to allow access to the BIOS. You can find out by checking the manuals that came with the PC
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