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Multi ram?

Hi, so if i got 2 stick of ram 2x4 CORSAIR Vengeance @1600 am i able to add 2 more stick 2x8 @1600?.
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  1. That depends on your motherboard. Some only have 2 slots.
  2. Hello... depending on on your motherboard, in most cases, you can mix pair sizes.
  3. yea my mobo is asrock extreme 4 gen 3 z68, i was thinking because i know the timing is different from the 2x4 and 2x8
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    You can mix RAM's of variable size but you should not mix RAMs of variable speed. If you 2 DIMMs of 4GB and 2 DIMMs of 8GB, you will have no problem. When you mix DIMMs of variable speed, data will be accessed with the speed which is lowest from all connected RAMs.

    In your case, both 4GB and 8GB RAMs are of 1600MHz, so you will have no problem.
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