CPU fan is just loud

It's not the loudest fan I've ever heard but it does most definitely get a nice loud sound going after a few hours, which is pretty typical. My CPU stays a healthy 32-45C, the heatsink is clean but I'm not too sure about the fan as I've never removed it in the past 2-3 years I've had it.

It's a stock cooler for the standard AMD x6 models I'll post a picture of it below, it works great for my AMD x4 Phenom II 820 CPU, but it's always been a bit loud, it appears to be a metal bladed 80mm fan. I believe it spins around 3700-4500RPM.

So my question is, what could be causing it to be too loud? Bearings wearing out? Dust inside the blades? I would also like to ask what a great alternative brand would be, or a good deal on a very quiet more efficient replacement, that would be awesome. Something of the 1-10$ range, because I really don't NEED it to be replaced, it would just be nice to not have something roaring constantly.

Specs, not really needed but here they are.

RAM: Corsair TR3X6G1600C9 XMS3 6 GB 3 X 2 GB PC3-12800
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER M4A78T-E AM3
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 820 2.8ghz non OC
Video: XFX ATI Radeon HD4890 1GB GDDR5
HDD: (500gb) x2 250GB 7200RPM WD and Maxtor harddrives
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  1. Are the fan rpms too high? Have you gone into the bios to check the smartfan settings? It's a simply adjustment; most have to be calibrated, then you can use the recommended setttings or set them even lower in manual or quiet mode.
  2. I cleaned my fan out and that resolved most of the sound issues.

    a bit off topic..
    However for whatever reason any USB keyboard I use does NOT work at the bios screen/boot screen, it only works once windows is booted up. I also noticed my PS/2 port doesn't appear to work at all which is a pretty big issue for me.. I'm worried resetting my CMOS will render my PC unaccessible, so I'm currently working on upgrading my bios to see if it fixes this issue.

    M4A78T-E BIOS 3503
    "1. Improve system stability.
    2. Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website at:
    3. Enhace compatibility with some USB device."
  3. That HSF, while capable, has always been known for its noise. I has one installed on my Phenom II and immediately thought "oh, hell no" when it cranked up. Replaced it with an easy to install direct contact tower 120mm HSF and was very happy. Cost me $30.
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