Issue I'm having with a toshiba satellite

I have a toshiba satellite a355-s6935. the initial issue was it just wouldn't charge. Simple just replace the charging jack on the board...or so i thought. Basically long story short I just got done swapping the jack. it still does not power on with the ac adapter. however if i charge the battery on another computer then put it in this one it turns on with no issue and it recognizes when it is hooked up to the ac adapter. It still does not charge the battery, and when the battery hits 0% it shuts off even when connected to the adapter. Any input would help guys...thanks
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  1. did u use another ac adaptor while charging the battery on another computer? or the
    same adaptor u are currently using on ur current computer?
  2. solved , i didn't have the dc jack grounded properly. working fine now
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