AMD/Via Aureal argh! SB/Philips/SantaCruz?

Well, it seems I am having problems with my Turtle Beach Montego II in my new AMD Win2K box. Appears from some previous postings that the Aureal Vortex2 (which is what the Montego II is based on) has major problems on VIA chipsets. I've got a brand new Abit KT7A-RAID with an AMD TBird 1GHz. I can hear sound from the CD player, but no sound from wav files.

I have already done the 4-in-1 Via patch(used the 4.25a patch because that appeared to be the last stable one, but I did NOT add the IDE Bus Mastering patch on the advice of one website - i added it and it changed all my IDE devices to SCSI devices, even those NOT on the RAID controller. I guess I could see if it affected the sound, though...

ANyway, unless someone has another opinion, it seems that this card has too mnay problems and no one can get it working reliably w/the VIA. So, I must buy a new card. I've narrowed it to 3:

- Sound Blaster Live! (some variant)
- Philips Acoustic Edge
- TB Santa Cruz

My needs are for low S/N and ability to make digital copies of analog source (tape/LP and such). Of course, the card must work on VIA w/Athlon under Windows 2000.

So, the real question in this post - who has experiences with these combos? I really don't care about gaming (although it can't suck!), it's all about the music (without going into hi-hi-fi).

- Philips look kickass, but I can't find the product on their website and their site has problems. If I can;t get drivers and info, I dont want it!

SantaCruz is my favorite, cuz I know TB does great cards (I love my TB Montego II (aka Aureal Vorgtex2)- great board for low-price hifi!). BUT, it looks like their applications don't work in Win2000. Drivers appear OK.

SB Live - I see much critisizing of the card, but it looks like it has good specs and is stable on Win2K and VIA.

ANy comments are appreciated.
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  1. I have that card running on a kt133 chipset no problems...but the real issue is it with win2k, I have winME. Check vortexofsound for more info some people have got this to work.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  2. My chipset is kt133a. ALso, the vortexofsound site seems defunct - all I get is either a generic not found page, or sometimes I get logged into a chat room (scary!).

    ANyone know where it went?
  3. I went to the site and got the same thing. Wonder who hijacked the page?

  4. I believe Aureal went out of business right?, and they were bought out buy another company? There are new A3D drivers ver. 3.1 for Vortex 2 based cards availabe at CNET downloads. It only works on Win95/98 OS though, if you have WinME or Win2K your out of luck. I agree that your problem is w/Win2K as well. I've had no problem running my Montego 2 on the KT133 based motherboard. I hate to say it, but I would just buy a new soundcard.
  5. that was my conclusion as well. The choices are:

    - SB Live
    - TB Santa Cruz
    - Philips Acoustic Edge

    anybody know how well these on work on Win2k? (Abit KT7A-RAID (Via KT133A) w/Athlon TBird 1GHz)

    I'm looking for best overall sound quality and best ADC for making digital copies of analog source. I don't care much about gaming support...
  6. I don't have one, but I have heard a lot of good things about the Santa Cruz. Try to find some reviews online and then go for it.
  7. OK. I would reccomend the philips acoustic edge. If you want drivers goto If you want to buy it, go to they have it for 90 dollars. the end.
    Oh, and just so you know, the santa cruz has some driver issues, but they did clear them up. A good review of it and many other cards is at

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  8. I have my vortex 2 card (Diamond Monster Sound MX300) working perfectly with my Duron 800@866 on an ASUS A7V133 (266FSB). I have Soundblaster emulation disabled and it isn't sharing any IRQ's. Also, this is on a fresh install of WinME with the 2048 drivers with the A3D 3.12 update.
  9. Looks like the site is back up now. I was able to dl w2k drivers from a russian site through that. ALso there are linux drivers. I already bought the Acoustic Edge for my WIn2K box (appeared most solid esp. for Win2K), so I think I'll try to get the Montego II working on Linux.

    Win9x/Me never was a problem for me, either, but when I try to reinstall it in the box where I took it from, it doesn;t work! Oh well, that box is soon reborn as LInux...

    Thanks for everyone's opinion! Much appreciated!
  10. i am VERY happy!!! My Vortex II works fine on My EPoX 8KTA3+ under Windows Whistler Beta2!!!!!!!! But the same card didn't work under Windows Whistler on an A7V.. This is Unreal. Fist i thought it may have something to do with the New Southbridgem but if you have problems, don't ask me how i got it 2 work, i will put 2000 on 2 see if it works under that!
  11. If i´m not mistaken , Aureal , was bought 1 or 2 years ago
    by Creative Labs!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
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