How can I tell what my modem is sending?

I have a Scientifc Atlantica Webstar EPC2100 modem attached to a cable provider. It goes out to a router, with one wired and up to three wi-fi machines on it.

Recently the modem has often appeared to be busy (blinking but pretty solid send/receive lights) when no-one is doing anything. Is there any utility I can get to see what the modem is doing - and who is sending/receiving?

Doubt it is Windows update - too frequent for that - but might be another service, but I don't know how to find it.

Doubt we are part of a bot-net as we all run Norton, but it does concern me slightly.
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  1. To get to your MODEM, a computer has to go through the router so use the settings pages to see who's connected at any time.

    Norton Live update could be working, any Apple software could be phoning home and Windows updates aren't restricted to second Tuesday.
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