Using PhysX without another vid card...

I honestly haven't looked into physx very much, I have a GTX 570 and I just set it to auto all the time for physx.

But I was just recently watching this video about Batman's Arkham City with the physx enabled and I have to say I feel like I need to know more about physx now :).

Should I set it to the 570 or I have an old 9600gt I could throw into the other PCI-E socket and use that as a dedicated physx card...but is that worth it?

Anyone that knows about physx let me know how this works by adding a low end card... I would love to know :P

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    with a 570 I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you plan on going over 4x aa
  2. I actually was planning on going over 4x lol. If I do should I use the 96gt?
  3. I've have seen an 9800gt with a 5780 but never with another nvidia card.
    I've just never seen it offloaded to another NV card.
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