Did I fry my motherboard?

Im a noob who try to build a computer, so i bought everything brand new from the store and decided to try to build it myself. I dont know what is standoffs for so, I took it out and place it with another screws to hold it together with the case. however, I didnt install the Powersupply yet,so there is no electric power get into my motherboard, but I just placed it like that . later on , I went to my uncle house to let him help me to put all stuff together because I was confusing about how to put powercords and everything, so he took it off and put me standoffs after that he put everything on. now we tried to turn it on. it's on and all fans working fine ,but there is nothing show up on the screen, so he said it should be because I placed the motherboard directly and it may touch the case, so it might be short because all motherboard got a little battery already. he said he will take a look at it at this weekend, but I just feel nervous that did I burn my brandnew motherboard?

so I curious that I didnt plug it with power supply yet , how can a motherboard have a power to short? :pfff:
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  1. cmos battery alone is not enough to short anything.

    Make sure you plug the plastic standoffs that came with the case/motherboard. They support the weight of the motherboard and also other components you attach to it. So try spread them out evenly for best support.

    You should have insulated washes for the screws as well, red looking washers. Dont necessary need to use them as long as the screws aren't too tight. Better to use them anyway since they should be in your possession.

    There are numerous tutorials on how to build your own computers, just make sure the motherboard is in noway contacting metal from underneath.

    Good luck :)
  2. the short answer - 42
    the long answer - no
  3. I don't think that just placing motherboard in the case will short and fry your motherboard. You can try to disconnect all the part and assemble again using some tutorials.

    At the time of assembling, make sure that each part you connect is placed correctly.
  4. Don't worry you're mobo is fine. In fact CMOS shorting is way to FIX a computer. You just made some other minor mistake, like using the wrong plug or something.
  5. Best answer
    yea perhaps something minor.

    Forgot to add, can get plastic standoffs, if you have brass standoffs though, its fine with them too as long as you line them up with the motherboard screw holes to prevent the back of the board making contact with the case chassis.
  6. why don't u just pull out ur mobo out of the case and place it on any insulated flat surface (ofcourse without stand offs) , connect only ur monitor to the builtin video,connect powersupply and one ram stick and check if u get boot on screen (start ur mobo by shorting briefly the 2 pins where ur power_on case switch is connected ?
  7. What motherboard and CPU using?
  8. people often miss the 2x2 plug on motherboards and only get the big one.

    most motherboards need to be plugged in at 2 seperate spots. make sure you got em both.
  9. my motherboard MB ASROCK|970 PRO3 970 AM3+ R
    and cpu CPU AMD|8-CORE FX-8120 3.1G 16M R

    thank you for all reply anyway

    and about the power i did plug both of them at first i plug only one then my uncle realize that not enuf power so he plug another one but still no beep no display
  10. try resetting the bios
    try with just one stick of ram
    make sure everything is socketed properly, like the videocard
  11. I have the same problem!!!!!! Except mine was running, then one day all the fans powered on and nothing.

    MOBO: ASRock 970 Extreme 3
    CPU: AMD 8120 4ghz
  12. The coin cell is unlikely to create enough current to fry anything. Something can still be mis-wired. There is also a slim chance that you drained the battery by shorted the board.

    Can you test the battery voltage? Try resetting the CMOS.
  13. You don't say about the PSU, it should be at least 800 watts.
  14. 800 watts? he hasnt even listed his gpu. dont make stuff up.
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