ASUS Xonar Essence ST vs Creative Sound Blaster Titanium Fatal1ty?

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    It depends what your looking for...

    Creative Fatality XFI is a great card. Great sound quality especially from games, much better than the newly released sound core3d version.

    Asus Xonar Essence- Best sound card period for music. Now it does work exceptionally well for games, but it doesnt have full EAX 5.0 support. TBH most games dont use that anymore as it is a rather old technology for sound.

    To answer your question i bought the Xonar Essence recently and I love it. It works great with BF3, Skyrim, DOTA, WoW... you name it. If you have no desire to listen to the best music sound quality then get the Creative Fatality but gaming sound card doesnt really mean much. Go for the best SOUND soundcard

    Get the Asus Xonar if your budget allows it....
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