How do i fix my card drivers

I had a blue screen while updating my card driver through steam my computer restarted I guess by itself and then I put it in safe mode I have windows 7 and then it said the graphics were messed up like a little warning box popped up and then I tried to update the driver or graphics whatever and well amd told me that I have the last driver but how can that be if everything is so fuzzy. Just a series of events gone awry
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  1. Blue screens and fuzzy appreance sounds like a hardware malfunction instead of driver issues. What kind of card(s) are your running? What is your latest driver number? What is your computer specs? Incase this is not a hardware issure you can try this:

    1. Boot up windows if you can and uninstall everything with AMD/ATI or nvidia whatever you have and reboot.

    2. Once you have rebooted run driver sweeper and remove all ati or nividia drivers.
    when you are done reboot.


    3. Reboot and Go to makers website and install drivers, if everything on your screen looks oversized do not panic this is normal!

    Reboot and you should be ok.....

    NEVER and I mean never install your drivers from steam or any third party programs. ALWAYS go to the website from Nvidia or AMD to download your drivers.
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