Whats your i5 2500k temps look like

Hey guys just wondering what the idle temp is for this cpu.

I put a corsair a70 heatsink on it and I idle at about 35C plus or minus.

I also looked at it and each core has different temps, first is at 27-30c second one and third one are at 35c and the fourth core is at 38-40. Is that how its suppose to be, I would think all of them would have the same temp.

They seem kinda high especially with the heatsink, but Im coming from amd and I believe intel runs hotter naturally. Is that correct? because for amd I would get 24-30 idle and with the i5 im getting 30-40 idle.

I also used some shitty ass paste so that could be why lol. Just wanted to see what everyones else temps look like. If anything Ima have to slap on some good thermal paste, if it really makes a big difference.
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  1. is it your i5 overclocked? my i5-2500k overclocked to 4.0ghz temp. 37-40idle.. at 4.5ghz temp 40-42idle.. im using air heatsink termalright hr-02 macho edition.
    intel i5-2500k as far as know, should more cool than any amd, since they are more efficient (consume less watt).
  2. OCed 4.8 Ghz , Idle @ 36 with an H100
  3. Could be several issues. Are the ambient temps in the house warm? Thermal paste as you said may be bad or not applied well, etc
  4. im overclocked to 4.9ghz. all my cores idle between 30 and 35 degrees. under prime95 i hit a max temp of 84 degrees celcius.

    yes i realize thats a touch warm but nothing heats up my cpu like prime95. i only hit 70 or 75 degrees max doing anything else.
  5. The temps in my room are pretty warm, but I still think it idles pretty warm with this a70 heat sink.

    Im guessing that the thermal paste is just *** ! Especially that Im running stock where you guys are overclocked to 4.6 plus ghz and idle at the same temps.

    I would think that with a better thermal paste I can drop 1-3 degrees.

    Any reason why my fourth core is running hotter then the other 3 ?
  6. well its no surprise our idle temps are the same, pretty sure we all use power saving features

    1.1 volts to the core during idle
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