CPUZ-DRAM says 800mhz SPD max bandwidth 667

I'm pretty new to building computers. In my Asrock mobo, everything was set to 1600 in the BIOS. It still reads 1600 in bios after i went in there multiple of times. In CPU-Z, the DRAM is 800mhz which seems correct (800x2=1600). What I am confused about is that my SPD max bandwidth says 667mhz. I really don't know what SPD max bandwidth is but I feel like its saying the max my memory can go to is (667mhz X 2)when everything else is registered 1600 (bios/cpu-z DRAM). is SPD bandwidth something i should not be concerned about since both the DRAM frequency is 800mhz and my bios says 1600 for both my corsair vengeance(4gigx2
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  1. SPD is serial presence detect http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_presence_detect
    It shows the default settings for the RAM module (set by the manufacturer).
    The RAMs run at 1333, with default BIOS settings and 1600 by enabling the XMP or manually setting the XMP values.
  2. Not all manufactures use correct or complete SPD tables. They should, but don't. If you are getting your advertised speed you are doing it right and have nothing to worry about.
  3. Thanks for the quick response! I feel a bit better, although i am concerned that 3dmark reads (667x2) and task manager (windows 8) reads 1333mhz. I am just going to have to trust my BIOS instead of the other software.
  4. yea me 2 and witch one shd i trust
  5. 3DMark and many others look at the basic mobo default boot freq
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