Help with horrible freezing problem

So I have a PC here that will not behave. It goes through completely random bouts of BSOD's/complete freezes (and the BSOD's are different every time) for no apparent reason. Specs:

AMD 955 C2
Asus M4A785TD-M Evo
8GB A-Data 1333
Enermax NAXN 82+ 750W
OCZ Vertex 2 + Samsung Spinpoint F1

It's definitely not the PSU, as that one in the specs list is the FOURTH one ive tried in this rig. Both drives are fine according to HDTune, and it wouldn't be a hard drive anyway as the system locks up 100% and never comes back (I could be wrong though I guess).

RAM has passed endless nights of memtest and Windows memory diagnostic. System was at a point where it wouldn't even post period, with no beep codes at all even with 1 stick of ram in. Letting it sit for a few hours corrected that, somehow...

And then it ran fine for 2 months. Now it's back to its old Shenanigans. I just ordered a new Gigabyte GA970-UD3, as I suspect it has to be the board, since the last time it froze completely, when I restarted the BIOS was completely reset for no reason.

Anyone else agree, or is it something else? I don't have the money to keep replacing everything, this is an absurdly demonic problem. Also, I'm running everything stock. Freezes happen in games, sometimes on Windows boot, sometimes when I'm watching Youtube. Never anything in event viewer other thatn Windows noticing that it didnt shut down properly.

Also another point to note, this motherboard is weird when it comes to overclocking. If I ever so much as moved the multiplier up ONE setting, any time I'd test stability with Intel Burn Test it would spit out garbage results every so often indicating instability, although it always passed. It did not do this on stock settings. however, if i overclocked using the FSB, it worked fine as well and I found out my chip is golden as far as what it will do voltage wise. But overclocked or not, the problem reoccurs at random
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  1. Yup I would suspect board too.

  2. I would run some diagnostics first, before buying anything. Did you check the CPU and GPU temperatures? you need to check them while doing some stress test. Also, did you check the CPU voltage? and are the RAM timings properly detected or configured? Did you make sure you have no viruses? Are all your drivers and BIOS up to date?
  3. I consider myself a power user but this problem has even me stumped. Temps were always fine on everything, 44C under load on the CPU, 82C on the GPU (which is fine for a 470). CPU voltage has been played with extensively. I know how to set my RAM timings as well, and have played with different speeds and timings to no avail. No viruses, latest drivers and BIOS, and this thing will pass Prime95 and IBT ALL DAY. Seriously. I've run both Blend and and LargeFFT multiple times for up to 12 hours at a time (average of 8 hours). It never crashes or freezes then.
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