Corsair H100 problem with Cooler Master Gladiator 600

I purchased the Corsair H100 for my gaming rig with Cooler Master Gladiator 600 cabinet.

But I'm facing the very annoying problem while fitting the radiator of the cooler on my cabinet. The screw holes on the cabinet side panel (for two 120/140 mm fans) do not match with the holes on the radiator. The radiator has the screw holes arranged closed to each other so that two 120 mm fans are connected to each other but my cabinet side panel has about 1cm distance between the two meshes for the fans, so I can match only 4 screw holes of one fan with the holes of the cabinet side panel. This leaves my second radiator fan without any arrangement for fitting.
So is there someone who has this problem and figured some solution or a mod for cabinet. Or any suggestions for the cabinet mods also appreciated.

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  1. Screw both fans to the rad, then screw the topmost rad (through case from the exterior) to the case,
    Welcome to modding hehe
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