How's this $1500 gaming build?

Hey guys, I'm going to be doing my second build sometime within the next 2-3 months. I already have the parts picked out, which obviously may change within the next few months depending on change in market prices and what not. As the title says I'll mostly be using this machine for gaming, programming, and watching Blu-rays. Possibly some light photo/video editing in the future. I figured I would make a post and see what you guys think. I've done a lot of research but it's very possible I've overlooked something. Anyway, here's the specs:

Intel Core i5 2500k / Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (combo)

ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3

XFX HD Radeon 6970 (going to Xfire two of these in the future)

GSkill Ripjaws 8GB (2x4GB) 2133 DDR3 / Cougar CMX 1000W (combo)

Hitachi Deskstar 750GB 7200RPM

Mushkin Enhanced Callisto 120GB

Corsair Obsidian 650D

NZXT Sentry Fan Controller

Plus a couple Cooler Master 200mm Megaflows, a 120mm Cooler Master for the rear exhaust and a couple blue cold cathodes.

Grand total: ~$1,420 after shipping and rebates. I realize that the combos may not be there in a couple months which won't be a big deal for the CPU/heatsink because it's only $10 off but the PSU/RAM is $40 dollars off so if the combo isn't there I'll probably have to go with a different PSU and/or RAM.

So do you see anywhere that I am going to run into problems with compatibility or anywhere were I am just plain wasting money? What do you think of this build?
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    The only thing of note is the PSU and HDD. Both would be considered inferior products. I'd try to find a 850w single rail 12v that was 80+. Stick to Corsair, ABS, PC Power and Cooling, Silverstone, Antec, or Seasonic. If you do deviate from these brands really do your homework on the unit, JonnyGuru is a great site for this. Splitting your 12v into 6 rails is a recipe for higher power draw (pci-e) disaster. As far as the Hitachi is concerned, there is a reputation of having less than stellar quality control. I personally don't know if it's warranted as I've never owned one, but you might dig around to just to make sure.
  2. Ok I don't know a thing about PSUs so I just picked that one cause it was a great deal getting $40 off. I may just go with a 500GB HDD because with current prices and SSDs becoming much more popular and better priced I can't justify spending over $100 on a HDD.

    Everything else looks good though?
  3. ok it's pretty useless to pick build right now
    talk to us in 2 months
    there will be new gpus and cpus coming out
  4. Not really, you gonna change this 6970 in the 2 weeks for sure.
    7000 series is coming, no reason to keep this build for now.

    And I don't see a selected PSU here.
  5. The PSU is in a combo with the ram, but I'm told it's not a good PSU so I'll be changing it anyway. Also I know it's kind of pointless to pick a build right now but I'm not going to be able to afford one of the 7000 series GPUs anyway. The only benefit of those coming out is that it might bring the price of the 6990 within my price range.

    I'm just kind of OCD and want to have it all ready to order in the case that I'm able to order it a lot sooner. Plus I'm thinking about getting the GPU soon because my current rig is running a GT430 so I can't really play any current games. =/
  6. Wait for the new 7000 GPUs. Trust me u will regret it later if you dont.
  7. Oh wow, I just found this site that shows the prices of the 7000 series:

    I didn't realize that the 7970 would be about the same price as a 6970. Any idea when they're being released?
  8. Shavako said:
    Oh wow, I just found this site that shows the prices of the 7000 series:

    I didn't realize that the 7970 would be about the same price as a 6970. Any idea when they're being released?

    It should only be a couple of weeks now. At first it will be limited supply so it's going to be hard to get your hands on one. So you might have to wait longer. Just keep your eyes peeled on the net's PC news.
  9. Here's a solid Corsair 850W PSU + 8GB RAM combo:

    Also, I'd suggest a better SSD (Crucial M4 128GB):

    This will cost you a bit more though but I'm the type that's willing to pay a little more for quality.
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