Gtx 580 PSU help please.

Hi guys. I just bought a EVGA GTX 580. I'm just looking for an overall decent PSU that would be able to handle the 580. I don't do any overclocking and I don't want to Sli.

This is the current PSU I have - Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply

Do I even need a new PSU to run the 580?

If I need a new PSU will this one be good enough? - CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W
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  1. A GTX 580 requires a lot of amps.

    Your links do not work but as far as the PSU is concerned you can accurately determine what PSU power is required in watts and amps. on the 12v rail from the link below. It's straight forward and easy so no guessing is required. It will also show you how to determine which model PSUs are quality PSUs that can deliver the necessary power for your PC.
  2. Sorry about that..

    I currently have a Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply (You can find it at

    And the one I've been thinking about purchasing is the CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W.
  3. The Corsair will be fine, I recently built a rig with a GTX580 and 2600K and one of those.
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