New motherboard needed with new setup?

Hey there! I've fallen into the old trap of trying to improve my system by buying one piece of hardware, then ending up having to upgrade everything. I decided I wanted to make a game capable PC, so I went out and bought the new sapphire 7870 xt with boost card. Then I figured I'd need a bigger case to accomodate it so went out and found a p182 full tower case - but thinking to the future and crossfire I figured I'd better get a new psu so picked up the NZXT hale 90 750 w gold certified, with some extra memory to boot. ( now have a sufficient 12gis ) . Then what would be the point unless I installed a new cpu so picked up the i53570k. Of course I couldn't OC and not worry so I also bought a new cpu heatsink fan ( I can't even remember what it is off hand ) Since I'd put that all together I figured I'd upgrade to windows 8. BOOM. Unfortunately the windows 8 upgrade rendered the EZtune in AI suite 2 non functional with my p8h67-m pro motherboard. I got the patch for windows 8 for ai suite but the auto tune is no longer included / available. So I read a bunch of forums who suggested it's better to OC through the bios anyways. It turns out the h series doesn't allow manual oc. So OC is useless on the chip unless I get a new motherboard. Is my logic sound here? In any case will it make that big a difference if I buy a new motherboard to support the new hardware as well? or is it not worth the trouble. I've read pretty good reviews about the Asus z77 sabertooth. But as I only wanted to spend 200 dollars for a small upgrade, and am now at the 1000 dollar threshold, if It doesn't make any real difference then I'll leave well enough alone. FEW. Long story. Thoughts?
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    Get a ASRock z77 and you'll be fine.
    You can manually OC. This board also has updated drivers and very good features for the price which is $125
    A word of advice switch to windows 7, with windows 8 you'll face a lot of problems without any solutions.
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