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Hi guys, I have a question and people keep giving me different answers to. I'm hoping someone from here might help. It seems like I always come back here, and I always get the right answers. I have two computers. One is the new desktop I built with a D-link-G wireless card. The other is my Dell laptop with built in wireless-G. I don't have boradband due to living out in the middle of nowhere. I just want to be able to share files and the dialup connection between the two computers. I have been told that I have everything I need by some people (they say I just need to set up ICS in Windows...which I can't seem to get to work). Others say I need a wireless router. I admit to being clueless about networking, so I can't even get the computers to "see" each other. Can someone help me out with a link to some instructions, or at least tell me if I'm on the right track?
The general specs are..
The Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1150
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  1. Short answer, get Network Magic. I have been in this same situation (similar) and ICS is just a pain that won't work with dial-up. Therefore, get Network Magic, and it will establish itself as a gateway on your desired computer (I assume your desktop) and I hope you have a wireless router for this to work (just checking you have all the parts) and it will auto dial from the desktop every time you lose connection, etc. So you need network magic, a NIC or wireless access to the router from the gateway, and you should be good to go.

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