Best CPU/MB to take.

I'm building a new PC, but i want to know what CPU/MB I should take. I mainly going to game on it, with 2x7970 or 2xgtx680..

But here i need advice for CPU and MB:

Should i take:

Intel® Core™ i7-2600K
Intel® Thermal Solution RTS2011LC

for €573,80 (in my country, where i buy it)

Or should i go for:

AMD FX-8150 (Liquid cooled edition)

for €448,90

now i know most of u will say.. GO FOR THE INTEL!!!! but is it really worth that €120,00 more, for gaming.
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  1. GO FOR INTEL! For future games it will help (because it is faster) and overall it will most likely last longer.
  2. Yes. it's worth €120 more.

    But drop the CPU to i5-2500K and MB to ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3.
    That should help ease the sting of the extra €120.
  3. +1 Intel
  4. If I have about €500,00 to spend at mobo, proccesor and cooling.

    Should i take one of these, or should i wait for Ivy bridge. Or idk does AMD has new processors soon?? and when exactly do those new processors come out?
  5. If I have about €500,00 to spend at mobo, proccesor and cooling.
  6. :hello: You can go with either one. The future games would be more and more multi-threaded so an AMD FX 8 core CPU is okay for future gaming. But for today's games like Skyrim Intel SB i5/i7 is a clear better choice even if you play at 1080p max settings. :sol:
  7. I've already bought something by now :P
    Intel Core i7 3770k
    Corsair H100 Liquid cooling
    Asus Sabertooth z77
    G.Skill 16GB @ 2133
    2x Gainward Phantom GTX 680 4gb
    XFX Black Edition 1050W

    Works like an angel :D
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