Graphic card for 52 inc 1080P lcd screen

Just recently got a new tv, and seeing as bf3 is coming out and ive been working alot of OT i was thinking why not get a bitchen graphic card and run it on my new tv. What are some reasonable graphic cards, prefereably evga since im running one right now and have no real complaints. Thanks for all help and suggestions Man Child
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  1. Well, we'll need your other specs and a budget. What matters most are your processor and power supply.
  2. yeah sorry about that. budget still kinda of in the air 300-400? higher if needed im looking to run a clean image on that big screen or else seems like a waste. System Specs


    4 GB DDR3


  3. 300-400 for just the GPU? I think you may bottleneck a 570 with the 965, but maybe not. You're looking at either a 6950 or a 570. The 570 is much better, but as I said, it may be wasted on a 965.
  4. so your saying my proccessor is junk pretty much?
  5. Not at all. The 570 is a beastly card, and the 965 will take anything up to it without issues. It's just not a very high-end CPU.
  6. So do you think i will receive a crisp qaultiy picture? Because thats the most important part!
  7. your cpu is good one !! you should focus on the graphic card !! the gtx 570 is the best for your budget
  8. kingwin psus are absolute garbage step 1 imo is to swap that out for a reliable 600-650W unit

    then get something along the lines of a gtx 570

    next get a hyper 212+ and oc the hell outta your cpu!

    your will then have a more then capable rig for bf3 imo, you wont be maxing but it will still look damn nice imo
  9. which gtx 570 should i get? i looked on new egg and about 15 gtx 570's came up
  10. Im crossfiring two 6950's by Gigabyte. I know where you can get 1-3 PowerColor 6950 1G cards for about $175 Some is selling them and i was thinking about grabing one for my next project. If your interested then let me know.
  11. your running that on a 52 inch screen?
  12. 55Inch @1080P
  13. well I guess just ignore my advice then and have fun when your psu fails!? no one can back up my above comment?
  14. Even PSUs from bad companies will usually work; they just have lower reliability on average. Yes, Kingwin is generally pretty badly regarded.
    You'd be fine with a good 600W unit, like a Corsair or a Seasonic.
    A 965 definitely can't handle Xfired 6950s.
  15. a 965 with an nice oc can definatley handle 6950s
  16. It won't be awful, but the CPU will be the bottleneck.
  17. @ 4.0ghz I gotta disagree with you there...
    simon's post with the charts seems pretty good. A 2500K gets 9 more fps than a 955, and that's with just a 570.
  19. are u guys serious? Any quad core will suffice, you make it sound like he is doomed with his cpu. I have a phenom ii 840 x4 (yea really an athlon) at stock speeds, and i have no problem maxing metro at 1080p in directx9, and this is with a 560ti at stock speeds.

    You will definitely be able to max bf3, u may suffer slowdown every now and then, but the specs were blown way out of the water which we all knew anyway. People who say you cannot max it are those who simply refuse to have their FPS drop below 60-30fps, depending how picky you are. For me i don't care, i'd prefer everything to look fantastic with the occasional hitch, than dumb other things down to maintain a certain amount of fps.
  20. When I say maxing, I mean 60fps. I consider 40 playable, but as you say, it's your decision as to whether you'd rather have stuttery eye candy or smooth gameplay. IMO, smoothness is much more important.

    Regardless of your graphics preferences, you can probably get 30 or 35 fps in Metro with your Ti, yes. That's not relevant to whether the OP can get 60fps in BF3, or to whether a 965 can handle two 6950s. I'm assuming the OP *wants* 60 fps: if they didn't, then they could just get a Ti.
  21. an overclocked 965 will handle crossfire 6950s just fine
  22. By handle, I mean it will not be the bottleneck. Generally, it's more cost-efficient to get the best graphics card that a processor can handle, and not better.
    My evidence is in my above link, which shows significant advantages with a better processor, suggesting strongly that the 955 (similar, though not exactly the same) is the bottleneck.
  23. So what are we thinking will make my system run clean on that big of a screen? we are still getting conflicting ansewrs?
  24. Id get a single gtx 570 or 6950 and oc your cpu, my rig runs fine @ 1200p with similar hardware, see below
  25. also your psu is garbage so replace it
  26. Man-Child said:
    so your saying my proccessor is junk pretty much?

    your cpu is fine. The 2600k and the 965 gets the same fps with the same gpu in BF3.
    That's a big ass tv for 1080p lol
    How close are you going to sit to it?
  27. PSU= power supply unit

    not CPU... re read
  28. My vote goes for a single 570, you could get an overclocked version from EVGA and that should handle fine. You can "max" it out if you want but im running a 570 at 1080p and prefer to do a mix of ultra and high to keep the frames a bit higher. I think your 965 should do fine too.
  29. gnomio said:

    That's a big ass tv for 1080p lol
    How close are you going to sit to it?

    yeah thats what I was wondering... wireless kboards and mice are complete garbage and this is the reason that my gaming rig is hooked up to a 24+ 1920X1200 monitor... :lol:
  30. My vote goes for the 570 as well.

    But still that screen is huge. For a LCD that size the viewing distance is 7ft and above lol
    Hope you got long or wireless controllers
  31. jjb8675309 said:
    yeah thats what I was wondering... wireless kboards and mice are complete garbage and this is the reason that my gaming rig is hooked up to a 24+ 1920X1200 monitor... :lol:

    how did you know what I'm going to say next lol
    Only saw this post after posting my previous reply
  32. to each his own I guess
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