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I was considering either HAF 932 or Rosewill Blackhawk. Does anyone have any experience with those cases, especially when OCing?
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  1. whats your buget for a case? i know some great ones you can get off of newegg
  2. I was thinking around 150$ at most for the case. However I feel that if it costs that much, it should be significantly better than cheaper ones (e.g. the HAF 912)
  3. id suggest getting this case for OCing. its got a TON of fans, including one UNDER the motherboard right under the CPU to keep the back of it cool for some awesome cooling. you should watch the video. it looks like a pretty awesome case. i want one myself.
  4. What size motherboard are you planning on using?

    If a case has good airflow, and will hold your parts, then everything else is personal preference.
    If a case has two 120mm intake fans, or the equivalent exhaust capability, then airflow will be fine.

    I happen to like small cases. The silverstone M-ATX TJ-08E is about the best around.

    If you like full sized cases with a window, then look at the lian li lancool PC-K58W for $80.

    Regardless, find a case you love. Bust your budget to buy it if you need to.
    You will be looking at it for a long time.
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    ^A great mid tower case, with excellent asthetics as well
    ^Another mid tower case that is quite appealing to the eyes, as well as a spacious interior, great pricing as well
    ^One of the best mid towers around, a great case with an appealing exterior. MAke sure you know that this one is a BIG case.
    A REALLY good value it's a full tower case for a gerat price as well as excellent quality.
    This one...I love this case almost as much as the Silverstone TJ07, it is SO much more visually appealing then the HAF series in my opinion, and you could have an amazing water cooled system here. This one really justifies its high price over cheaper cases in my opinion
    Not a case I like, but its popular case so you could give it a spin. As far as I know the CM quality is OKAY but my experience using the HAF 922 was awful, and I haven't gone back since.
    A beutiful case, great for water cooling and air alike, this one is a nice alternative the the Silverstone RAVEN

    Personal favorite:
    I really love this case, it has served me well and is a nice piece to look at, it's aluminum construction caught my eye at the store and I haven't had any regrets on buying it.

    And there you have it!
    Any of these cases will do you fine, just make sure you like it and are going to be happy with it.
  6. My top 5....

    Thermaltake Level 10 GT (outta ya budget range)
    Antec DF-85 * - $160 but oft as low as $130
    Antec 1200 * - $160 but oft as low as $130
    Corsair 500R - $130 but oft as low as $115
    HAF-X - $160 but oft as low as $140

    * Fits CP-850 PSU which adds quire a few points to its appeal

    Based upon ya stated needs, I gotta recommend the 500R
  7. I am going to go with the NZXT Switch 810. Thanks to everyone
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