Random Freezes and stuttering on my newly built pc

Hello everyone,
I've got some new hardware and assembled it into a new pc.
Here are my specs:

i7 2600k not overclocked yet
RAM DDR3 Corsair Vengence 1866
Corsair AX850 gold
ASROCK extreme 4 gen 3 mobo
GTX 580 msi lightning 1.5gb vram
H80 corsair water cooling
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
Windows 7 64 bit

So my problem goes like this. My computer will run fine when surfing the web or reading articles or posting in forums like tom's hardware. It happens sometimes when i surf youtube videos or listen to music. It also happens when i play games like skyrim and warcraft 3 (Dota). So far there's no problems with battlefield 3 yet. The problem is something like this: Music playing fine then suddenly the speakers went fuzzy and there's a kind of a wub wub wub sound then after about a sec or so, it resumes fine. Computer during that time frame will freeze up but it resumes normal working status after that second. During skyrim, the computer will freeze and have the same wub wub sound emanating from the speakers...

Drivers all are up to date by updating from the device manager screen. Ran hardware monitor and its not my cpu overheating. Idle temps are around 35 degree celsius (I live in singapore). Load temp max is at 55 or so (when running BF3 and prime 65).

This problem happens occasionally and its really making me worry if there's anything wrong with the system.
I would appreciate any assistance regarding this issue.

Thank you!!!
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  1. Is the disk usage high at the times this happens? How much of the DDR3 Ram you running (usually people who have fancier memory, buy enough of it but worth asking none the less)? is the system paging?
    Are you running the latest and greatest Audio/Graphic drivers? Chipset etc?
  2. Hi thanks for the response. How do i check disk usage? As for DDR3 ram, i have 8 gbs of it in alternate slots on my motherboard. And what is meant by system paging? Yes all drivers are updated to the latest and the newest according to my motherboard website ASROCK as well as individual updates on device manager.
  3. Memtest 86 shows a lot of errors. Over 3000. Could this be the reason for the stuttering? Or does this indicate a mobo problem?
  4. It could be the problem. Double check that the ram is being ran as its supposed to. Meaning if you have 9-9-9-24 @ 1866MHz, make sure its not trying to be ran at 7-7-7-18. Also make sure the voltage is correct.
  5. I have the same problem but mine doesn't usually occur when playing games like skyrim but it does happen when I play minecraft (a Java based game) and while watching movies and playing music, at first I thought it was a memory problem and but I couldn't find anything wrong i also de fragmented all my HDD's so there was no problem there either, so if anyone finds a solution it would be helpful :)
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