Purple screen effects with EVGA GTX-285 SC video card

I've been having increasing in frequency unusual "purple screen" effects with my formerly trusty GTX-285 SC 1GB DDR3 video card. The episodes can happen randomly, under stress playing games, doing Folding@Home, testing with OCCT, Furmark, virtually anytime at all. The screen effects continue until I manually force quit the operation of the computer, allow it to cool down for 5-10 minutes, then restart the computer. At that point all is well until the next episode occurs, and as above that can be anytime, soon thereafter, days later, randomly etc.

The video card is an EVGA GTX-285 SC, and I have the Lifetime Warranty on it, so lucky me there. However I'd like to write something intelligent and backed-up to EVGA Tech Support when I submit a case on this problem, and that's the reason I asked here at Tom's Hardware, where there are some good sources for reference, and people seem to know what they are talking about also.

Any of you experienced this exact, same issue as I am having? During reading on the Web tonight I ran into several examples of the same thing, and with other card manufacturers in the play of things they called the problem "Memory Error-related" and the cards were replaced under warranty, to a one. Does that sound credible. correct?

There are no BSOD codes by the way; nothing in my System logs that say anything about the issue specifically, just a purple screen that happens all the time these days, and I'm dang tired of dealing with it! It especially screws up Folding@Home GPU-wise because all operations stop summarily when the 'purple screen' happens, and it's not until I discover the computer in that state that I can "fix" it as above, but I'm doing nothing but basically shutting it down, restarting the PC, and continuing on.

There is NO OVERCLOCKING with this particular card either, it runs stock clocks for all occasions. My system: EVGA BL-141-E-760 Classified motherboard; Corsair HX850W PSU; Core i7 920 DO CPU (overclocked to 4.2Ghz); Prolimatech Mega Shadow CPU Cooler; 6GB Patriot Sector 7 1600Mhz RAM (3 x 2GB DIMMs); 5 Scythe SFF21-G/F internal cooling fans, plus the OEM Cooler Master Advance II's 200mm front LED fan, and the same in the top of the case also=7 fans total, all running perfectly.

That's the complete unexpurgated story, and I'd appreciate any good answers at this point, thanks so much!
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  1. coulld you test the card on another mobo if you still have the purple screen rma card
  2. I don't have a "convenient" 2nd Classified Mobo to test the bad (suspected) video card on, I'd literally have to tear apart my PC No.1 server, with an Areca 1680IX-8-port Hardware RAID Bus Master/Controller with 8TB of RAID volumes, 6TB external RAID 6 and internally the startup RAID volume is a 2TB RAID 0, running twin GTX-560 Ti SC's in SLI, which would be a real drag to do! That computer is sort of "sacred ground" here, with its HexaCore Gulftown 970 CPU, with a modified Classified Mobo (modded by EVGA's own Shannon Robb, the mad doctor of CPU science at EVGA...he added a positive bias resistor up by the CPU capsule area to the board, which makes it possible to run the 970 CPU's with their rather different interpretation of BIOS controls and commands), and the overclocked 560's and the 970 runs at 4357Mhz when I'm in a hurry to get something done, 4215Mhz 24/7 otherwise doing FAHome GPU and CPU both. I just hate to mess with "relatively perfect things" like that one, ya know?

    The 2nd alternative is to tear apart PC No.2, which is not a Classified Mobo though like PC No.1 is, it's the EVGA BL-132-E-758-A1 SLI, the original 'high end' EVGA 1366 pin-socket Mobo for Nehalem CPU's, and it works quite a bit different than the Classified does as Classified is ALL digital controls, VRM, North Bridge, South Bridge, twin digital CPU controllers, etc while the E-758 is all manual analog guts.

    They both are using Corsair HX850W PSU's however, a good comparison to have handy, I was just hoping for someone else's experience being pretty much identical to mine's out of the blue here. And some corollary pointers as to how to deal with the situation Pre-RMA at EVGA Tech Support would have been nice too! As it stands now, I am fixing to call EVGA Tech Support's "night class" of guys and gals and lay the story on them, and see if I can generate a case number and file my Advance RMA, where they ship me a new 560 Ti SC up front, and I return the bad GTX-285 video card within 14 days, or my CC gets nailed for the cost of two cards!

    I'd thought of testing the bad card somewhere else also, so thanks for the duplicate thought process, but I just don't have an appropriate setup to do that on in reality. Besides what am I accomplishing doing that? Duplicating the "purple screens" on a 2nd Mobo? I'd think that would be the obvious outcome of such a test session, and for all the trouble of tearing things apart TWICE to see such a result is just too much hassle for me to deal with at 1AM on Saturday night.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll think more clearly about this conundrum I'm presently in and do just that sort of test on the E-758 Mobo, but right now I just don't have the inclination or energy to make it happen.

    Thanks again, your answer is appreciated. :sol:
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    Try A different monitor cable . Or try reconnecting yours if it is not removeable from monitor.
    If the green pin is not making contact you will get a purple monitor screen. Red+Blue =Purple.
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