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I am trying to piece together a very basic budget pc and selected these parts. This is my first time building, and I'd just like to ask if this is a stable and compatible setup.

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  1. Hello jc1g;

    Those parts are all compatible.

    What are you going to pair them with?
  2. Hi, WR2, thanks. I plan to use all the integrated features for a while, so that's pretty much the entire setup for now; is it correct I won't be needing a video, audio, or network card? I have an hdd, dvd, and case as well, which I may as well list for beginner's sake.

    Thanks again.
  3. You can use the integrated HD Graphics video with that CPU/MB combo.
    And you're set with the integrated network adapter as well.

    You've gone for SATA storage (HDD/DVD) devices so they're compatible too.
    But that $20 DVD drive has $7 shipping charge.
    And the case/PSU has a $20 shipping charge.
    Lets see if we can find a better option.
  4. Good call. I think I can figure things out from here. I'll be back on here if I have any more questions. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Sure;
    Stop by anytime if you have questions.
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