What is the best router for Wii and PS3

Hi all - I am using a useless Belkin N+ - useless because it will NOT connect to either PS3 or WII - advice please as to which is the best router for this purpose - thanks - The Englishman
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  1. Your Belkin should work if you reduce it's N capabillity down to G or Mixed B/G.

    (The other Englishman :D)
  2. You are assuming that THIS Englishman knows what the F..... you are talking about! :) How do I do that? Thanks for responding :)
  3. The Englishman said:
    How do I do that? Thanks for responding :)

    Open Internet Explorer and type into the URL box as though it was a website address, then press Enter. You should now see the login page to the Belkin's settings and the instruction manual should tell you the login name and password. Using admin and password respectively will usually work - sometimes admin and admin. Somewhere in those settings wll be the option to scale down from the Wireless N level to Wireless G or Mixed B/G and again, the manual should be some help. Make sure you click on Apply or Save to set any changes you make in stone before you log out.
  4. Thanks Saga - I actually have been into the Belkin but cannot find anything in any of the help items that refers to the Wireless level. Maybe I will try and contact Belkin although others on here say they are useless! By the way, your dog looks just my first one many years ago - nothing like a German Shepherd :)
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