Is it a good idea to apply this case mod for a side intake fan?

I'm planning on buying a new computer case that's both quiet and cool and while the Corsair Obsidian 550D is the best in the business I was hoping I could save $30 and get a Cooler Master Silencio 550. The thing is I want a side panel fan for the GPU and I was hoping I could buy that Silencio 550 and do a mod.

Heres the video that demonstrated the said case mod:

Now in the video the guy drills two top air vents to install top exhaust fans and says he laser cut a side panel vent to install a side fan. My problem is I don't have a laser cutter I only have a power drill so I wanna know would it be a good idea to apply the drilling method used in the video (where he drills the top of the case) to the side panel to allow room for a 120mm side panel fan? I plan to leave this case in an open space with plenty of room and on a hardwood floor.
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  1. Yup, you need to sandwich the roof/side panel between two bits of wood to avoid any shredding though,
    I did a roof fan mod using a pre-drilled jig I made,
    Should be a pic in here somewhere,
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    Unless you want to take a chance on ruining your case, I'd recommend that you stick with a factory build and mod out the fans.

    I have modded cases myself by drilling, but you need very good bits and it is not easy to get a vfactory look.

    There are all sorts of cases available with different options and I recommend that you stick to one.

    By saving $30 you may risk the whole case or end up with a wacky looking one.
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