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Is ati raedon 4350 HD 1gb a good graphic card for high performance gaming

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
October 23, 2011 6:53:07 AM

Hello,my graphic card is ati raedon 4350 hd 1gb some games will stuck then it will remain like that.some times i have to restart to recover.even games only need low graphic requirements become stuck.what is the reason?
October 23, 2011 8:34:22 AM

the 4350 is a card that is often placed in OEM comps to upgrade from onboard or on a system with out onboard graphics. it is by no means a high performance card in any respects. It will be faster than an onboard or integrated intel HD graphics but thats about it.

I would check the temps of the card, download GPU-Z and under the sensors tab it will display fan speeds and temps. see if the card is overheating while you are playing games. its not uncommon for the small cards like you have to have a very small flimsy heat sink with a low RPM fan. these cards are prone to over heating when being pushed hard by games, ive seen it happen alot.
a c 139 U Graphics card
October 23, 2011 8:45:08 AM

Most 4350s won't even have a fan, I think pretty much all of them have passive coolers. Overheating GPUs usually won't cause the whole system to lock up though, the video driver would usually crash first or you might get a Bluescreen error. It would help to know which games you are playing that are causing your system to lock up. You may want to check your CPU temperatures. If they are too high, CPU throttling might be causing the system to lock up. You can try CPUID HWMonitor or CoreTemp to check your CPU temperatures. If you don't regularly scan for viruses, you probably should, all sorts of malware infections could cause system lock ups.
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October 23, 2011 10:51:41 AM

the best game you can hope to play with that card with good visuals is nfs most wanted.It will run crysis on low settings with 30 fps.Don't set high settings if you dont want your card to die on you.That card is not meant for gaming,just for video editing,and watching HD movies.If you plan to game buy the gts 450 at the very least
October 23, 2011 11:42:04 AM

if youre really into gaming id reccomend buying a 5670/5750 itd be a huge upgrade in power