Case & PSU Question

Out of curiosity, I wanted to ask you all if this case would hold all of my parts (The Case)

And these are all of my parts-

Also, will the PSU in my build (shown with all the parts in the link above) handle my system? :sweat:

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    Hello Serrix;

    All your parts will fit nicely in the Haf 922, plenty of room for your 10" GTX 680.
    And the SeaSonic X650 Gold is nicely sized to handle your system w/ OC'ing.
  2. The 650W will be good for future 680 SLI. No problem. Can you get to a Microcenter?
  3. Everything should fit fine, the GTX 680 is only 10in.

    And as for the PSU i'd say go with this Corsair TX750w V2 PSU:

    Your PSU in that list is only 650w and that's the minumum i'd run with that setup, though Seasonic is not to bad a brand i beileve, as a lot if not most of Corsairs PSU's are rebranded Seasonic units if i recall
  4. I wish I could get to a Microcenter but I live in the boonies. I'm 1 out of about 6 people here that actually know things about a PC. And thanks WR2, you've been a good help so far!
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