PC isnt performing very well at all

Alright first off PC Specs

P5Q-E Mobo
4 gb DDR2 ram
Q9550 cpu
Radeon HD 4870 1GB DDR5 -gpu

Other day my pc was having two significant problems. 1) It would turn on, then off, then on and stay on. and 2) It wouldnt send any images to my monitor

So i literally had to take my pc apart piece by piece, put it back together, clean it all out and reset BIOS via the jumpers and eventually got it to work.

Now ive lately been playing the new Star Wars MMO (not exactly a graphical powerhouse) and my FPS have sucked a good amount, and I literally have been forced to put all the settings on med/low (no bloom/aa) to get a mediocre FPS which still drops. Where as several days ago I was able to handle it decent with all settings maxed + bloom on etcc.

Is there an easyway to troubleshoot to figure out exactly what component of mine is dogging me down ? I have a feeling there could be problems with my hardrive, cpu oddly underclocking itself (CPU-Z is reporting my cpu speed all over the place), or that my GPU is simply dying.

Any suggestions that will help me figure out wth my problem is ?
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  1. Do you have other components to test out your system with? I would try out utilizing one stick of memory at a time to make sure that the memory is good. Or run a testing program like MemTest86 http://www.memtest.org/
    Then obviously you can check with another GPU? unplug any non-critical devices such as additional USB drives. Run with your CPU/RAM/HDD/GPU, make sure everything runs stable. (check out drivers, Did things ever run good? you could try older drivers)
    So now that you took apart and re-built everything does the computer power on every time? I had an issue with the computer restarting randomly and then it would continue to restart before windows could even load up, Similar but i was getting a display and you arent. Mine was a power supply.
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