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hi guys i have a question.,,my graphic card warranty is 1 year,,,im using my card and i feel not comfortable with it while playing some games and i want to return it back and find another higher graphic card..,would they allow me to choose another card then i will return the card to them???
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  1. The warranty only applies if the card is malfunctioning. In that case the manufacturer will replace it with an equivalent card. The return policy will vary depending on who you bought the card from, and how long ago you bought it. If it is a recent enough purchase, you may be able to return the card and buy a better one, though you probably will have to pay a restocking fee on top of the extra cost of a better card.
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    Warranty only covers damage to the card.With the warranty you can only get a replacement.

    What card are you referring to?

    Why do you feel uncomfortable with the card?
  3. it would be a good reference to the community if we knew what card and what games- the resolution you play at and the rest of your hardware.
  4. i have my geforce 210 1 gb ddr3,, other people say that my card is not high enough for extreme gaming performance...so i wanna return this card and choose a higher graphic card...,,im using this card for 1 week,, do you think guys this card is ok for gaming??
  5. Ouch, yeah that is bad. The GT 210 is an incredibly weak graphics card and is not meant for gaming, some of the most recent integrated graphics solutions are actually better than that card. I definitely see why you want to return it, you won't get anything approaching good gaming performance with that card. If you've only had the card for a week, most retailers will probably let you return it.

    If you want recommendations for a better card we need to know a lot more about your system. CPU, Power Supply (Brand and Model number, not just wattage) whether you have a regular, or slimline case, which games you intend to play, and what screen resolution you are using.
  6. ok i have a amd sempron 2.75 <-- i think this processor is also weak..
    1 gb ddr2 ram but im planning to buy another 2 gb of memory..
    ok just give me some option for a better gaming card sir,,
    and i wanna play those modern games today like cod mw,battlefield,resident evil 5,just a video card that can play the games..dont wori about the memory and processor i will buy sometimes if i could spent some money..
  7. hate to say it but your system is toast. major upgrades need to be made in order to keep up. replacing the graphics card will do NOTHING to help. over and out.
  8. Yeah, that CPU is going to be a major bottleneck with the more recent games, especially if you are playing at a lower resolution. You also definitely need more RAM, even if you are running Windows XP, 1GB isn't enough for gaming these days. I need to know about your power supply, and your motherboard before I can make a recommendation. Since you have an old Sempron, you may be using an older board that is not compatible with PCI Express 2.1 cards. That might limit your options a bit. The best card I could recommend with that setup would probably be a Radeon HD 5670, but I'm not sure if it will work with your system without more information. Anything higher than the 5670 would probably get bottlenecked pretty badly by that old CPU. If you are looking for 'extreme' gaming performance, you may want to consider a new system altogether, assuming your budget allows for it.
  9. ahmm ok..so i get it now..,even if im gonna buy a higher graphic card then it wont be compatible to my system specs ryt?? im sory but idk how to check what model my power supply and my mainboard.., ok tnx sir for the info..,
  10. You can download CPU-Z and go to the mainboard tab to get information about your motherboard. Power Supply information is usually located on a sticker mounted on the side of the power supply. You'll have to open the case to get to that. You can check those out if you want, but as said above, a graphics upgrade will be of limited use with your current system. You could get a better card than the GT 210, but the improvement wouldn't be nearly as big as it would be if you had a more modern system.
  11. ok sir...a processor of a loptop and a desktop same sir??
  12. Laptop and desktop CPUs are not interchangeable, they use completely different sockets, the only exception are some all-in-one PCs that use laptop components to allow for a more compact design. The desktop will give you the best value in terms of price to performance when it comes to gaming. If you do want to go with a laptop you have to keep in mind that the graphics are generally not upgradeable on laptops, you are stuck with what the machine originally shipped with. There are a few laptops that have upgradeable graphics, but they are quite expensive, usually $1500 and up. If you want great gaming performance on a laptop, you will have to pay a very high premium for it.
  13. haha i dont have that much money to buy a extreme cpus..,,in google they say that my amd sempron 140 can be unlock to amd athlon II x2 4400e 2.70 ghz (http://youtu.be/UH-cLy5LEtE) check that video
  14. What socket is your motherboard?
  15. ahhh i dont have any idea about my motherboard..,,but ashrock motherboard can unlock the other core on my cpu
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