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Can I change my video card on my HP desktop?

I have the HP pavilion H8-1000in model one)
so i bought this computer like yesterday and thought with 2 GB DDR3 card,the PC should be flying for games.
so Today I tried out FIFA 12 and the graphics looked terrible!
I did some further research and found out that this card was extremely bad.
I want to change it but there are a few things that will get affected-
My warranty(those HP poeple are denying on changing it for me)

Whether my power suply is enough for a new,more powerful card.

Will my PC get overheated
what can I do?
thanks for your help!
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    First of all ; the link doesn't work.
    The warrenty will be voided when you put in a new card.
    The powersupply ( i believe is 460W ) ain't powerfull enough for a mid/high end card.
    You can go for a 6670 but that won't be that much of an upgrade. You could try a 5770 if you can find one. Also a GTX460, but it will be hard work for the psu.
    Maybe the best and safest thing to do will be to upgrade your psu, maybe a 500W and a GTX560Ti or a HD6870.
    What's your budget btw ?
    O, and the 6570 probably hasn't got 2G but uses your mobo memory for that.
  2. the Nvidia GTX 460 / AMD HD 6770 should both be ok with your psu, im assuming HP use as good PSU as Dell so it will be a solid 460W rather than some value brand 460W

    the GTX 460 runs cool, idle +/-30c load +/-60c

    you will need to make sure you have the room in the case, both cards are larger than the card i think you have (GT 420?) sometimes the cpu cooler in mATX can infringe upon the PCI express lane

  3. sorry this is the link-----
    well the present PSU gives only 300 W
    and the card utilizes upto 60w i guess.
    I just want to change the card,not the PSU
    please help!
    well I played fifa 12 and the graphics looked pretty good on full settings..i didnt notice any lag or anything.
  4. also I use HDMI 32 inch tv screen to play mostly so I am not concerned with my monitor's native resolution
    if it helps,its up till 1680*1050
  5. Can you open your case and see how many amps there are on the 12V rail ?
  6. It should be mentioned on the sticker on your psu.
  7. 12 V right?
    it says 19A
    it's an HP PSU though
    I had to break the seal though :/
  8. Mmm, believe i have read some thread stating that a 6670 setup needs 25A. I'll look further to see if thats right.
  9. Btw, only one 12v rail right ?
  10. Lol, now i found a thread stating at least 18A needed. The search continous.
  11. urghh its irritating!
    what should I do?!
    See im a 16 year ld kid ok?
    MY dad got me this PC for my birthday
    if I fool around with it then he will kill me!
    also I dont thnik I can arrange that kind of money to buy a new PSU and video card myself
  12. LOL its even worse
    its GT 420 haha
    I would be ecstatic if I would get the 240 :p
  13. DO you think I can put in my old video card the 9600 GT 512 MB one in?
    with the same PSU?
    it beats the 6670
  14. Ok, thats a 50W card. The 6670 is 13w more. I would take that chance myself but i don't have a dad who won't be happy at least when the psu would die. Difficult.

    Can someone else confirm or not that the 6670 is safe to use ?

    Otherwise to be really safe the HD6570, it's the same powerneed and better performance, still don't excpect miracles from it.
  15. The 9600 is 95W card . . .
  16. the 9600 GT will outperform your GT 420 but as you can see it uses more power...

  17. damn it
    I think I will talk to my dad about this
    but he has no idea about computer stuff
    he will say"its a 2 GB video card!what else do you need a private jet?!"
    urgh it's irritating
    do you think the HP people will exchange this PC for another one?
    like an i5 with a better card?
  18. And i think the 6670 is better than the 9600 and only 63W, but still the question is there ; is a 6670 safe on a 300W 12v-19A PSU ?
  19. nono its no use I checked and a new card+new PSU wll cost me like more than 200 bucks which I dont have and it will take me months to earn that kind of cash
    I think I will talk to the HP guy and try to get a new PC.
    thanks for your answers though!
  20. Ok, good luck with the HP guy.
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