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So I decided my I7 920 was due to be replaced. I ordered a 3930k, Asus P9X79, Corsair vengeance 16G quad channel kit, and a Samsung 830 256GB SSD. I am going to reuse my current video card which is an EVGA superclocked 570. I will also repurpose my existing HDD's for programs.

I may like to overclock this system, plus I do some Blu-Ray encoding which really pegs all cores and threads for an extended period of time.

The only thing I have left is cooling and a case. I am currently using a thermaltake Armor MX case and due to budget constraints ( Actually my budget is already choking to death) I would like to reuse if possible.

I am really liking the H100 but am not sure if I can make it fit in my case or not. Does anyone here use that combination? or have any ideas regarding it. I am also cosidering the H80 as it will fit in my case and the Thermaltake Archon.

I also read here that voltage regulator cooling can be affected by using water cooling. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. i think noctua DH-14 with LGA2011 compatibility is a good option.i dont like these LCS kits cause they are a bit expensive,unreliable(IMO),messy to install and are defeated by high quality air stick with air cooling.other air coolers that support LGA2011 are-Hyper 212 EVO,thermaltake frio OCK(a monster cooler with great cooling),phantek coolers.if you want watercooling then custom cooling is best or xspc kits are good too.
  2. Well I just decided it was XMAS and to just go ahead anf blow up the budget a little bit and get a new case. I goot the Thermaltake Chaser and went ahead and got the H100.
  3. all the best! :)
  4. I built a 3960X system using an NZXT Havik 140, and it's working well - quiet, and keeps the CPU cool. I sent off to Noctua for the LGA 2011 brackets for a D14 I bought earlier (they took two weeks, but sent them to me for free, which is nice of them) - I might replace the Havik 140 with the D14, or save the D14 for another build.

    I like air coolers - had a bad experience with water cooling in the past, although the H100 should be fine.

    Enjoy your build.
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