Rear and Front panel problems [Sabertooth 990fx MoBo]

Hello tom's hardware, I have a problem and can't seem to fix it myself.

I recently built a new computer and everything went fine and dandy. No problems whatsoever except the audio, which is none at all. I have updated to the newest drivers (Realtek HD Audio), the HD Audio connected is connect from the case to the MOBO, I have the latest BIOS, and I have tried both front and back ports.

The device I'm trying to use is the, which is the non-USB edition. As stated both the front and back do not work. I don't care which ones I have to use, as long as I use them. My BIOS is also set for the "HD" instead of the "Ac'97" and it is suppose to use the front port yet no sound or anything. There is a link to what my Sound manager looks like. The first two I cannot do anything to, cannot enable or anything. It doesn't matter if I have my headset plugged in or not, all 4 of those will show up.

If you need any more details just ask, I'm not very good with dealing with Audio. My old MoBo just let me plugged them in and play, and this one is having a little bit of a mess. I have the headset plugged in the correct ports and this little message keeps coming up. I'm positive the headset isn't broken, as I was using it yesterday on my other computer. Like I said my RealTek HD Drivers are plugged in, but no matter what windows just won't detect my headset.

I tried a pair of speakers instead of head sets and they didn't work either. Looks like no rear panel audio AT ALL. The usbs for the back panel work though.


Here is a picture of the RealTek HD Audio Manage in case it helps.

Not sure if it helps but here: These are the four audio devices that are listed on my computer, and none of them have front panel located. I don't even have any devices plugged in at the moment and yet it shows I have four! I don't know what the problem with the front panel is, I have the HD audio selected in the bios and I have the HD Audio connector connected in the correct place. I even tried the AC'97 but same result - nothing at all. The computer doesn't even detect my headset or any kind of speakers, whether it is in the front panel or the rear panel.

Moved the computer to a new case, front panel problems solved. However, still no sound.
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  1. Update:

    It won't even let me select them to be the default audio playback. is what it is showing me. Also note, it doesn't matter if I have any devices plugged in or not, it doesn't show them in the sound manager window there. I tried my headset and a pair of speakers and they didn't even pop up (tried both the front and back panel).
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