AMD Phenom X4 960T - Temps?

This is my first build in approximately 8 years. I built an HTPC using the nMediaPC 7000B, MSI 890GXM-G65, AMD Phenom x4 960T and a LOGISYS Computer MC106 120mm HSF, with Arctic Silver 5.

The 960T unlocks all 6 cores (more on this later).

Anyway, the goal is to be quite, very quite. I think I've accomplished this with the case and HSF, but my temps are running higher than I like. Turning off Cool n Quite (so running at 3.0ghz) idle is 30c and peak running Prime95 is around 66c. Not great obviously. Ran OC Genie lite and it OCed to 3.4ghz with some strange voltages but got up into the 70's before one of the cores borked out and failed. I attribute this to voltage and I will play with that later.

But I'm wondering if someone can recommend a better cooler out there that will be VERY quite and fit in the nMediaPC, but do a better job cooling so I can unlock the 2 cores and stay cooler.

The big ones like the 212 won't fit, thus my reason for going with the Logisys. Nice HSF overall, just don't know if it's doing a good job cooling. Could I have put too much paste on? Is that potentially causing the heat issue?

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  1. Anyone with any suggestions?
  2. For normal coolers (i.e., flat bottom) you should only need ~1-1.5 the size of a grain of uncooked rice of thermal paste.

    Another thought, if you don't need more speed and plan to turn of Cool n Quiet, you could undervolt the chip. I've been able to shave off a decent bit of temp and power with undervolting on most of my past AMD chips (FX 8120, X6 1055T...).
  3. Thanks, I'm guessing based on that amount I'm ok in terms of Arctic Silver.

    I would like to bump it to an x6, I'm just wondering if the cooler I have it complete crap or can't handle anything above normal use.
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