Inputs for a Budget PC (700 - 800$)

Hello I am seeking some opinions for a budget build.

I am looking to build around the AMD llano 3870k. Should I wait for trinity ? will it allow dual discrete cards in SLI/CF in the future wen i upgrade ?

Also if I build around the 3870k, how good will it be in games like fifa and some other not so cutting edge games ? (I will be using it with 1866Mhz ram)

For the motherboard to go with it I was looking at the Gigabyte D2H and ASUS F1 A75 M Pro, does the ASUS support any GPU overclocking ? Is gigabyte any good ? I prefer the ASUS for its 4 RAM slots and ASUS seems to have decent reviews.

Can I run the RAM at 1866 with all slots populated ?

This computer will mostly be used for light gaming,internet and some engineering calculation work. (I am a student)

I require all components and any suggestions regarding them will be useful.
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  1. Why get a Llano if you're also getting discrete GPUs? The Llano chip is more suited for HTPCs and home PCs on light duties. You should really be looking at Intel as they have the widest range of CPUs in terms of both performance and budget right now, which will do you for several years to come. However, if it is just light gaming you're doing then you likely don't need a discrete GPU and Llano is the way to go.

    Both Gigabyte and Asus are good mobo manufacturers. However, they don't tend to be what's responsible for the GPU overclocking...that's down to software suites like MSI Afterburner (which works on multiple cards, even non-MSI ones). The mobo overclocking focuses on the CPU.
  2. Look at this: Add 100 for windows and swap the 6870 out for either a 6950 or 7850.
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    a Llano build with all components..

    Only thing I don't like in it is the memory, but its not bad for $530. Only gpus Llano are compatible with is the 6670 and below

    But being as trinity is supposed to come out this quarter, wait if you can, you will be kicking yourself if you don't.
  4. I looked at all you replies. I was using a core i7 750 before and I use a core i7 2600 at my university so I feel a quad core is almost a necessity. That is primarily the reason I was looking at the 3870k which is about 80-90% of a core i5 750 and I have the option of overclocking it a bit if required. I would require 8GB+ of RAM as well.

    I am not looking to use a graphics card right away, its more an upgrade plan.

    Between ASUS Gigabyte and MSI which is the better one for an AMD A75 motherboard ? I am looking to get a micro ATX board. so i can use this as a HTPC when I upgrade to a more powerful PC.

    Does the ASUS A75 M Pro support 1866Mhz RAM and Is there any downside to MSI ? It seems to be particularly cheap. I am not worried about the fewer audio channels.

    Also are there any cheap Micro ATX cases with front panel USB3 ?

    Thanks so much.
  5. General rule of apu, faster ram=more performance. I would try picking up some 1866mhz modules and at least 16gb.
  6. wtf would someone need 16gb in an apu build for?
  7. esrever said:
    wtf would someone need 16gb in an apu build for?

    op said engineering calculation work :pt1cable:
  8. really depends on the program but most programs you work with in universities are coded for xp 32 bit and can use max of 2 gb of ram.
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