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Can defective motherboards cause Windows boot errors?

February 1, 2013 5:04:07 PM

I'm not sure if this is a motherboard issue or not and I seriously don't want to disassemble the entire computer and send it out to Gigabyte for the off chance that they may or may not fix it or cover it. It's 1.5 years since the Manufactured date so i guess they only cover labor. if it's a defective motherboard I'm not sure if they'll just say for me to get a new one.


Basically a month or two ago I found out the 4th memory slot (closest to the CPU) is defective. Tried a variety of rams and ram combinations/pairing and that last slot will cause my computer to power up and beep and then shut down after 1 second. This will loop and continue until I unplug the power. I just worked around this.

Now I bought a SSD that was on sale so I installed windows on it. I had a 2tb harddrive with 2 partitions: One with Windows 7 and the other with media. Then, I installed the Verbatim SSD and installed Windows 7 on that as well. So when I booted up the computer, I would be given a choice of both Windows 7s to boot from.

I went ahead and booted into the windows 7 installation CD and then just formatted and deleted the old Windows 7 partition on the 2tb harddrive.

Upon restart, this caused a problem saying that there is a Boot Error and that the Master Boot Record is not found.

So after much tinkering, I did my best to delete that 200mb file that I assumed was allocated for booting and tried to reinstall everything. Right now as far as I can tell, there is no windows 7 partition or 200mb partition on the 2tb drive.
The verbatim SSD has had windows 7 installed 3 times now. I pulled the drive and also tried the same tactics on a standard 500gb drive to see if it was the SSD's problem.
Basically the problem is I can install Windows 7. Then I boot in it, install all the Windows updates and it asks to restart the computer.
UPON RESTART, it says "Loading operating system..................................................." and basically does this forever.

I checked BIOS, everything is set right and I haven't touched anything, ACHI, all that stuff. All the harddrives are detected as well. I tried swapping SATA cables and trying different sata ports on the motherboard. I don't know what's going on.

Is this a boot issue or a drive issue or motherboard? I mean it seems like it should be a motherboard issue or maybe a problem with the 2tb drive's boot stuff lingering. I don't know.. HELP!!
Everytime I see this problem, I push it away and it's been 2 months without a desktop.