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Best graphics card for a Dell Dimension 5100?

Advice needed for the Optimum upgrade of a graphics card from a Geforce 6800 256mb,
in an old Dell Dimension 5100, Pentium 4 3.40Ghz,
4G Ram,
I do a fair bit of gaming but don't need the latest card that would not run on my old system, just the best that I can run on the old girl please?
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  1. tell me your budget and i'll give you option
  2. You could get a 5670 and even use it for your next pc but it should be time to retire that old p4. You have pcie 1.x which will sometimes have issues with 2.1 cards, so try to find a 2.0 if possible.
  3. Sorry for not getting back to anyone on this sooner.
    I want to keep the old girl for sentimental reasons (I have another more modern PC already).
    Budget is not an issue, I have no kids and dress badly so might as well spend my cash on this.
    The only concerns are there is no point buying a card that is too powerful for the system and I don't want to have to change the power source.

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    is that even a PCI-E or is that an AGP slot unit.?

    It has already been answered, scroll up and you can google the model number as well. This is the one I usually suggest, it is a 2.0 card but every site keeps changing it. You can see in the review that it does work in a 1.0 slot and you can even go straight off sapphire site, it's 2.0.
  5. How many people come on here asking for help and know what pcie version they have or if it's even an issue? It only takes a few seconds to drag n drop, and there's the dell documentation page.
  6. Thanks guys,

    I'm going to see if I can find a Saphire 5670.

    I really appreciated the help.
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