H100 or H80 in a CM 2 600 Advance

Hello my question is really easy im going to buy a corsair liquid system and i want the H100 but i dont know if my CM case 600 advance can work with this liquid system for the space i know that a H80 has no problem but i want the H100 for a lil better performance or im just wrong and i should get the H80 for price and space in my case thats all and sorry is my question is a lil bad written.

Thanks to all.
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    You can put the H100 rad in the front of the case, as far as i know, there is only 1 fan on the top.

    H80 is a pretty good cooler.
  2. Don't get the H80 or H100, get this: Go with the custom watercooling. If you need help ask in the overclocking section.
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