Replace PSU in SX2370-UR30P

Trying to figure out what will fit in this case - Gateway- SX2370-UR30P, as far as a PSU goes. Want to change it so I can run crossfire mode with an AMD HD 6670. I would assume I need to be in the 550w range but didnt know if I could fit anything bigger than the SilverStone SFX Series SST-ST45SF Power supply ( 450 Watt ). Any help or suggestions would be great...
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  1. 50 views and nobody? It seems to be hard to find much info on the PC except its a great PC for the money. Any gurus on here? Here is a direct link to the specs if it helps:
  2. I wouldn't call that a great PC for the money. It's a half decent, bottom of the barrel, bargain bin PC, sure. But great? Hardly. Here are some problems I see right off the bat.

    1. APUs benefit greatly from fast memory. This thing uses just about the slowest DDR3 currently made, 1333. Going to limit your processor (which is already slow) appreciably.

    2. Like you noticed, that PSU is garbage and won't power anything that's not already in that system. Add $50 to the system's cost, because you're going to want to replace it immediately.

    3. 5400 RPM hard drive for your OS is a recipe for pain. You will have very noticeable lag in most things you do on that system.

    If you're comfortable building yourself, you'd do better with a barebones kit from Newegg or Tiger Direct. They'll cost a similar amount and get you better hardware, or get you similar hardware for less.
  3. 1. I did purchase memory to up it to 12gb, so hopefully that will address the issue?

    2. Any ideas for a suitable PSU that will fit then besides the one I listed?

    3. I have some HD to replace that so no worries

    4. Is there another suggested SFF box you would suggest over this besides answering the above? My goal is to make it a HTPC essentially but much nicer

    Thank you
  4. Quote:
    1. I did purchase memory to up it to 12gb, so hopefully that will address the issue?

    It's about speed, not size. Adding more won't help with the problem that Llano really needs fast memory to hit its maximum potential.

    As far as recommending another SFF system, I can't really help much. I've been looking at building an HTPC myself lately, but I'm not considering buying anything pre-built. Newegg has a good selection of HTPC cases, which you can fill with the hardware you want rather than the cheap crap Dell stuffs in their budget rigs.
  5. I'm going to disagree here. For a real basic HTPC this rig should be fine, the speed shouldn't really be an issue for a low-end HTPC. And while I agree that you can put together a similar system for around the same price (based on NewEgg pricing - not counting an OS), you've still got to install and setup everything yourself and wedge it into an HTPC case. I'm just saying...

    That being said, I would plug a SSD and run the OS off of that, using the 1TB HDD as the media server. You can get a decent Mushkin or OCZ 60-64GB for under $100 easily.
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