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New build around 460gtx

Hello, it's about time I build a new comp, and I would appreciate input from all you experts.
Parts I will be retaining:

MSI 460GTX Hawk

Ultra x3 1000w psu

It seems logical to attempt a balanced build around the 460gtx.
My considerations:

Intel Core i5-2500k

Samsung 1TB HD (it's $40 off so I'd have to order this by tomorrow i believe)

I have no idea what mobo to get, and RAM should be a fairly easy decision.
Choosing a case shouldn't be too difficult either, but any suggestions you guys want to give I'd appreciate.
Also, I'm considering a SSD, I'll have to see how much I'm spending, would like to keep this on the cheaper side.
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  1. theres a New line of Cpus of Intel Coming Up in april, that said you Could get the New one, or buy the I5k More cheaper and the mobo too. If you Can wait You Need to look for a p67 motherboard with 2 pci slots 2.0 with 8x8 or 16x16 For future Upgrade, getting another gtx 460.


    For the Ram I suggest you to get atleast Cas 8, 4 gigs is Ok for Gaming.
    The Harddrive Is Ok But Its Sata II, you can Always get a Sata III.


    ssd is wasting your Money right now(expensive), if you Can aford to buy one better upgrade The Video Card and sell yours or use it as Physx Card.
  2. I would avoid Ultra power supplies like the plague. Stick with Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone or Enermax. Also even with 2 x GTX 460s in Sli you would only need 750 watts max. If you were to up that to 2 x GTX 570s then you could use 850 watts. 1000w units are for 2 x GTX 580s and other extremely high end systems. If you are only going to run a single GTX 460-GTX 560Ti card you will do fine with 500-550 watts.

    I5 2500k is a fine processor and with the Ivy Bridge benchmarks out looks to stay a powerful option for the next few years.

    I like GSkill Ripjaws RAM due to the low profile that allows for a large aftermarket cooler. 8GB of 1.5v DDR3 1600 cas 9 goes perfectly with your new processor.

    My cheap case recommendation is the Antec 300 Illusion from Newegg. It is generally $50 or so and comes with all the fans you need.

    The hard drive being SATA 2 does not make a bit of difference as no mechanical drives can saturate SATA 2 much less make use of SATA 3 bandwidth. Only SSDs benefit from SATA 3. The Spinpoint F3 is a great drive. And that is a really good deal with hard drive prices being what they are today due to the flooding in Thailand.

    The GTX 460 is not a real powerful GPU to base a system on. If I was you I would look at the GTX 560Ti or even GTX 570 if you can afford it especially if you game at 1920 x 1080. I have a single GTX 460 1Gb and it plays most games on the highest settings but newer titles are making me think it's time to upgrade.

    Get an Asus, Gigabyte, AS Rock or MSI Z68 motherboard. Just find one in your price range and with the features you need.

    Unlike the above poster I believe an SSD is worth it and prices have never been lower with 120GB drives as low a $1 a GB in some sales I have seen. That is the smallest drive I would consider myself. I have one and with Windows, Office and a few games it starts running out of space quickly. I have to uninstall older games to make room for newer ones.
  3. you can look through here for a nice choice for 1155socket mobo's

    i highly recommend the ASUS Sabertooth. they are one hell of a board. very reliable and will definitely give you the bang for you buck, no doubt!
  4. I agree with anort3, you should probably look at at least getting a gtx560ti, roughly 20% more performance for clock to clock comparisons, overclocks well, and is much more efficient.

    Also, something like this: would be a better choice imo for a PSU. Corsair is very reputable and this will allow for future upgrades like sli for either the GTX560ti or GTX460.
  5. Just got home, first off I already own the GTX460 and PSU(and have for awhile). Sorry I didn't make that clear enough. Also, I forgot to mention I have a zerotherm cpu cooler It says it works with LGA 775 so I'm assuming it won't fit with the 2500k?

    What about one of these mobos?|13-157-279^13-157-279-TS%2C13-157-271^13-157-271-TS%2C13-157-250^13-157-250-TS

    I don't really understand what could justify the price difference. The first one doesn't list 'Supports Intel K-Series unlocked CPU' or 'Supports Hyper-Threading Technology'. Does it actually not support these things?

    I'm thinking to purchase the z68 extreme3 gen3, could someone explain to me any cons of this board(relative to other z68/p67's in the price bracket).
  6. All boards use Z68 Chipset, so all of them supports intel k-series, or hyper-threading.

    The price difference is all about extras.
    See, the first mobo only supports one VGA, and the other two supports two VGAs.

    The first two are GEN3 mobos, supporting PCI-E 3.0, the latter don't, the latter supports more SATA connections.. and etc.

    It all depends what you want, here's a hint:
    Think how much sata ports you need, how many video cards you want to use, if you want integrated bluetooth and others. And hunt the mobo that have all of this!
  7. Best answer
    A guideline:

    I don't think you will have gains using PCI-E 3.0 (even a GTX 590 do not have any gains), and no one knows about next generation. Second, to use PCI-E 3.0 you would need to buy an Ivy Bridge, with the 2500k, even that the mobo supports 3.0, it would run in 2.0 speed.
    Hint: don't matter if the mobo have PCI-E 3.0 or not, you won't use it.

    USB 3.0 is a must, grab a mobo with at least 2 3.0 ports for future proof.

    Sata 3 (6.0 Gb/s) is a must due to SSD speeds. For future proof get a board that supports at least two sata 3 ports.

    Integrated Wi-fi or bluetooth, not THAT really necessary, unless you have some specific use.

    Number of PCI-E connections. It depends about how many cards (sound card, raid card, etc) plus VGAs you want to use.
    If don't use a dedicated soundcard probably you will only use VGAs plugged into the mobo. Think if you want to go SLI/Crossfire or not. If yes go for a mobo with at least 2*PCI-E 2.0 (with SLI/Crossfire enabled)
  8. bmur said:
    Just got home, first off I already own the GTX460 and PSU(and have for awhile). Sorry I didn't make that clear enough.

    You made it perfectly clear

    bmur said:
  9. Okay, I've managed to piece a build together:
    Parts I already own
    MSI 460GTX Hawk

    Ultra x3 1000w psu

    Samsung 1TB HD

    To be purchased
    Intel Core i5-2500k

    G.Skill ripjaws X 8gb(2x4gb)

    ASRock z68 extreme3 gen3

    LG dvd burner

    Just picked a random burner with lightscribe support, figured I might as well have it since there is no price difference...

    One of these cases|11-147-153^11-147-153-TS%2C11-129-066^11-129-066-TS

    Any reason to get one case over the other? Should I buck up and get something like the corsair carbide 400R for $100?

    Don't think I'm forgetting anything... any objections/suggestions please post them!
  10. I real like the Antec 300 Illusion although I like it better on sale at ~$50. It comes with 1 more fan and easy to clean fan filters. The fans are also multispeed and nearly silent on low. I have used the case in close to 20 builds and build quality is always excellent.

    I really hate your power supply.....I hate to harp on that. Any way you could sell it and go with one of the brands I listed above? If not I'm sure the Ultra will be fine ( although massive overkill ) for what you need.

    Everything else looks great. You have a CPU cooler? The Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is a great budget cooler or you could move up to something like the Scythe Mugen 3 for an extra $10 to $20 and get an extra few degrees cooling ( 6 to 8C ).

    Here is a great deal on an SSD.

    $164.99 after mail in rebate + 20% off code HARDOCP1221A for a total of $122 with free shipping.
  11. anort3 said:

    I really hate your power supply.....I hate to harp on that. Any way you could sell it and go with one of the brands I listed above? If not I'm sure the Ultra will be fine ( although massive overkill ) for what you need.

    Not a bad unit according to those
  12. delluser1 said:

    Huh, I guess Ultra has done some work improving their power supplies since I read about them last. Or maybe just the X3 is a decent unit and everything else they make is crap. Still double the power he needs so it will not be running efficiently at all.
  13. anort3 said:
    Or maybe just the X3 is a decent unit and everything else they make is crap.

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