FX 4100 $99.00 on New Egg

We all know that the i3's are generally better than the FX series in games. But at $99.00 for the FX4100 now at Newegg, can you still say that the i3 2100 at $124.00 is still better price/performance wise?
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  1. wouldn't matter to me, I would just save the extra $$$ if i didnt have enough at the time. I've use a rig every so often with a FX4100 and a HD 6850 and it feels sluggish compared to my i5 2400.
  2. Sluggish compare to what, your sig?
  3. yes to the rig in my sig. I would save the extra even for the i3 series over a FX4100. Im building a rig for my eldest kid and rather than be cheap and go AMD, i'm going to be going Intel and wait the extra bit to get her rig up and running. Intel atm IMO has more going for them and building an IB or SB rig will last longer than a current Bulldozer CPU.

    I feel its a fair comparison beacuse both quad cores are marketed towards mainstream users. I had a budget of $400 and came up with the CPU/Mobo/Ram combo in my sig. Could I have gotten more cores and a better board if I went AMD? possibly, but after reading the Tom's $200 CPU roundup, I decided a an i5 2400 was the best choice.
  4. I agree with you about intel having better chips at the moment but no one should expect an fx 4100+HD6850 to be on par with an i5 2400 + 6870 build.
  5. i never said it was on par. I said it to be a fair comaprison between the 2, in my personal opinion.
  6. Its not even worth $85 mal

    I have a PII and a 4100... the 4100 is palmed off on the wife

    *edit* maybe if they gave you a free 4100 with a mobo it would be ok as a thing to put under a wobbly chair leg
  7. Will be brilliant when the 4100 gets either sledge hammered or taped to a clay pigeon and shot (or i may go medieval and use a bow on it.... either way it dies soon)

    Fraid to say after a long time with AMD the WR6133 household will soon be adopting Intel
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  9. Thanks for all the response. Have a great day!
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