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I just finished my first build - installed windows and everything fine - but something is bothering me. Ever since I've installed the speaker from the case (CM Scout II) I've never got a POST beep, even though it seems to be booting up fine? I tried to switch the speaker with another working speaker and it didn't work either.
Is it something I need to be worried about? My MOBO is the MSI Z77A-GD65 :)

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  1. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I'm guessing by you posting here, at one time there was a beep. Double check your BIOS. There is usually a setting to toggle the beep. If your BIOS shows that the beep is on, and you've tried using two different mobo speakers; and you're sure you have the speaker connected correctly, then I'd say that circuit is shorted.
  2. Just tried to look into the BIOS and didn't see anything where I could toggle the beep :( Guess the circuit is somehow fried then?
  3. are you sure you are using the right JFP2 connector
  4. Yes, I plugged it into the JFP2 Connector with the red (positive) facing the positive end. Anywho there seems to be another problem which may be the reason to why the POST beep didn't occour - now it won't even turn on after I left it while it was installing some updates from windows update. I think it may have gone into sleep or hibernation mode while it was installing these updates?
  5. Right, got it to work again - The powercord was unstable...Nevertheless thanks for your help - I'll just live with the fact that it doesn't beep :)
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